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2023 Football Big Ones Contest Has Ended


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I'm getting ready to make my second round picks.  But first let's take a look at my first round.

First Round results:

W-L:  14-2

Dawgs:  3-0  (Oneida, Hendersonville, Collierville)

Games decided <8:  2-0

Rank: T-3 (with 17 billion others)

GB: 1

Analysis:  3 points: 

(1) Good first week. 

(2) Need more just like it. 

(3.)  3rdandLong should change his name to  IconvertedAgain.

On to round two.  Let me take a look.  Good luck.


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7 minutes ago, harley04 said:

Picks in 5 dogs. Will probably have to hit all five to stay close. This week seems harder than last. If third and Long just misses one game this week he's psychic. There are 6 or 7 games that will be close 

Sounds about like what I have Harley, agree this week is MUCH tougher.

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  • CoachT changed the title to 2023 Football Big Ones Contest Has Ended

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