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    #11 futbol20



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    Posted 07 November 2009 - 11:32 PM


    you are spot on. BWSC picked up 4 TNFC coaches including the MBA coach.

    I have also heard that there is a struggle integrating IMPACT's 'win at any cost' teams into the DOC's new 'Academy' philosophy.

    Personally, I am torn because I hate to see any club struggle. However, I do think consolidation would be good for middle Tennessee clubs and players in State and Regional competition. East TN and West TN seem to be ahead of us is this regard.

    Im a TNFC parent and TNFC isnt struggling at all now. The merger with Impact brought in a flux of new talented coaches, hard working volunteers, and talented players. I have been very impressed with waht i am seeing from the the new TNFC. Everything about the new TNFC is better today in every category. The people that left, good riddance. They caused the problems in the first place. Why no one understands that is beyond me. Now that they are gone, real management, and the opportunity for a great soccer club now exists. Everything else is propaganda from other clubs trying to tear TNFC down. TNFC is doing great now that the old regime is gone. TNFC is now a great place to be. That simple.

    You're joking right? This might be a girls parent, or a young players parent. Impact is only girls...correct? And this is a boys thread..correct? Because I played at TNFC for 7 years. They were great for 5 years not saying they weren't, then on my specific team half the players left, and yes those parents weren't great, but they left because they disagreed with our certain coach, which was their choice. Our team was still good, but then everything happened with the board etc. I also ref, and I am very sad to see what the older teams have turned in to. Please PLEASE tell me how everything is going great when this year for u16 boys you had 8 players EIGHT players at tryouts and for u17 boys you had what...i think 3 total players! I want to say I'm sorry that all of this happened, but they deserved it, with how they treated the coaches. They were told straight up STRAIGHT UP "if you do this, all of the quality coaches will leave!" u know what they said "NO THEY WONT, THEY DONT HAVE ANYWHERE TO GO!" JOKE!!!!!!!! 4 Quality, well-known coaches across Tennessee even the Southeast left for brentwood. I'm not saying come to brentwood, but if you are older than u13 and want legit competition such as premier league...TNFC is not the place for you...I'm not saying what team is, but they are not. Now, I don't know about the younger, but I'm sorry, the board ruined this club 2 years ago. {SMILIES_PATH}/dry.gif
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