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  1. 2018 Class 2A

    Trousdale is my favorite from the east.
  2. 2018 Class 1A

    You boys should mercy rule all the way to another gold ball. It’s going to be even worse next year with Coalfield going way down. You might set the record for most mercy rule games.
  3. 2018 Class 2A

    I agree with you. Peabody and Waverly will both be contenders. Union City will always have a shot, but Peabody definitely should be the team to beat in 2A.
  4. 2018 Class 1A

    You could be right. I was counting during our Whitwell playoff game. I think I counted 7 starters back on each side of the ball. I think we can still be a solid team, but like I said.. Greenback should be the team to beat in the east. Do you think Marion will be improved? I think they will be about like you were this season.
  5. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    You’ve got that right. He about messed up not kicking the field goal as well. Tyner made a few plays when their athletes made a play, but Union City does what they always do. Dominate time of possession and the line of scrimmage.
  6. TSSAA Agenda Item - Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    This is the dumbest thing I think I've heard.
  7. 2018 Class 1A

    We tackled him well, we just couldn't account for all their other athletes.
  8. 2018 Class 1A

    They will loaded. They should represent the east again next season. We will be improved as well, but maybe not enough to give them a run for their money.
  9. Cannon Changes

    I bet you do. LMBO
  10. Former Trezevant coach Teli White fired

    I will have to agree with you. After reading it again it seems as though grades were changed to get them eligible for college. A kid can make a C in every single subject all the way through school and still not be college eligible. However that kid would still be eligible by TSSAA standards.
  11. Former Trezevant coach Teli White fired

    Ok yes, I see what you're saying on the college front. As for being eligible for HS sports though the 2.2 wouldn't matter.. correct?
  12. Former Trezevant coach Teli White fired

    I always LMBO... I'm just saying it would be hard to know for sure.
  13. Former Trezevant coach Teli White fired

    LMBO, they can't do that because there is no way of knowing if Trinity Christian in 2015 and Waverly in 2016 would have beaten Marion if they had the chance. Take it back to 2014 when Trezevant was runner up in 4A. Do you give the silver ball to someone else? Who gets it? That's what I'm saying. It would just be vacated if that is the case.
  14. Former Trezevant coach Teli White fired

    Thanks Southtowner.. That was a lot of reading. So correct me if I'm wrong. Most of the kids with invalid diplomas were not football players? Coach White did not falsify the enrollment numbers? I read something about a 2.2 GPA. Does that matter? There is probably no way of ever knowing who got what grades. If any kid that graduated is currently in college then they passed the HS exit exams, passed admissions and college entrance exams. What a mess.
  15. Greenback 2017 state champions

    The dishes must all be washed.