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    I understand you want your school to do well, but my statement was comparing what he’s been a part of at Notre Dame to what Central will be. Yes, I do know what will happen. Central won’t be going to the semifinals, much less the state championship game like he has done at Notre Dame. That’s not a slight at him at all. That’s just the facts about where Central is as a football program. They will never be able to compete against teams like Greenville. It’s just a tough gig for anyone on highway 58.

    Booger is right about him being part of the ND success. It won’t happen that way at Central.
  3. 2018 Class 2A

    CA will have a better chance to get to Cookeville in D2. Two west TN teams in 2A would have probably kept them out of a Cookeville the next several years. Waverly will take a dip after 2018, but Peabody is going to be very good for the next several years. Union City is also going to be very good year in and year out.

    I don’t disagree with you guys. I would think Coach Grabowski would get the job after the way it sounds he was treated at the foot of Signal Mtn.

    Coach Grabowski and Coach Malone are the true finalists. Which one will get the job?
  6. Lake County/Westview scrimmage

    Lake County should be one of the 2-3 favorites for the next four seasons to come out of the west.
  7. 2018 Class 2A

    Peabody and Waverly should be the top 2 teams in the west. Union City and Adamsville would be my third and fourth teams. Then CA, Forrest, and Lewis County would come into play.
  8. Chad Grabowski Out At Red Bank

    Saban? Now Booger, he needs to win a title before we can call him Saban. LMBO
  9. What Coaching jobs are available?

    Booger I agree. You would be a good hire for Sequatchie County.
  10. What Coaching jobs are available?

    LMBO... Sequatchie wants Whitwell’s coach now?
  11. Talent in the Seq. Valley

    LMBO... maybe so, but Coach Caine isn’t easily replaced. I saw first hand the past three years how good of a coach he is. Much respect for him in his future endeavors.
  12. What Coaching jobs are available?

    Coach Caine left Sequatchie County? I haven’t heard this one. He’s obviously a good coach. As for the Gordonsville RB that’s not overwhelming numbers.
  13. Greenback football 2018

    I’d say the top team out of the west could provide some issues. However, I was at the state championship game this season. Actually, I was there the entire weekend. Greenback toyed with that Cornersville bunch. I think someone new will represent the west in 2018. As for SP and Whitwell? Both teams probably have 7 starters back each way. Usually when a semifinal team has that many starters returning they are the favorite... However, when the defending champion has 10-11 back... its hard not to say they have the best odds by far.
  14. What Coaching jobs are available?

    You guys must have done a good job on him. I never heard about him doing much and they didn’t score much on you either.
  15. 2018 Class 2A

    Trousdale County underachieved last season. That team should not have lost to Marion County. You had the talent to be in Cookeville. You are once again the favorite in the east for 2A.