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Your new Class 2A with current enrollment numbers!

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FreeAgent11    81

51 Fairley High School 384 2A

52 Trousdale Co. High School 388 2A

53 Peabody High School 389 2A

54 Cosby High School 391 2A

55 North Greene High School 400 2A

56 Oneida High School 410 2A

57 Wartburg Central High School 414 2A

58 East Robertson High School 416 2A

59 Houston Co. High School 418 2A

60 Hampton High School 421 2A

61 McKenzie High School 432 2A

62 Clarksville Academy 432 2A

63 Rockwood High School 435 2A

64 Eagleville High School 437 2A

65 Halls High School 443 2A

66 Memphis Academy of Health Sciences 444 2A

67 Jackson Co. High School 449 2A

68 Trinity Christian Academy 450 2A

69 Summertown High School 454 2A

70 Tellico Plains High School 458 2A

71 Union City High School 463 2A

72 Manassas High School 476 2A

73 Gibson Co. High School 480 2A

74 Frederick Douglass High School 484 2A

75 Columbia Academy 488 2A

76 Sullivan North High School 492 2A

77 Cascade High School 492 2A

78 Memphis East High School 494 2A

79 Loretto High School 494 2A

80 Scotts Hill High School 499 2A

81 Hickman Co. High School 499 2A

82 Lewis Co. High School 500 2A

83 Mitchell High School 508 2A

84 Community High School 509 2A

85 South Greene High School 510 2A

86 Meigs Co. High School 517 2A

87 Marion Co. High School 517 2A

88 Westmoreland High School 525 2A

89 Decatur Co. Riverside High School 525 2A

90 Tyner Academy 525 2A

91 East Hickman High School 526 2A

92 Bledsoe Co. High School 533 2A

93 Watertown High School 537 2A

94 Hamilton High School 541 2A

95 Happy Valley High School 541 2A

96 Forrest High School 547 2A

97 Polk Co. High School 547 2A

98 Cumberland Gap High School 554 2A

99 Adamsville High School 556 2A

100 Waverly Central High School 556 2A

Edited by FreeAgent11

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BCB~MVP    9

Based on this, Thinking TC would fall into a Region looking like this (may be totally wrong). 




Jackson Co.





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cardfan    20

Looks like only 1 memphis region now


Memphis east






A northwest tn region

Union city





Gibson county


A southern west tn



Scotts hill



Lewis County


A west middle region



East robertson?


Clarksville ac


Columbia academy

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cardfan    20

Dang! Was kinda looking forward to Adamsville in 3A

We were kinda looking forward to it too. We could compete until upper tiers of 3a but then we would meet the elites. Lol

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