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  1. Do you really want to split hairs? I know we are almost as far west as you can go before you run out of Tn but both teams are considered west. Come on man. If you consider recent history over the last 6-7 years it's not a bad thing being in the west bracket when a team gets to Cookeville. Just saying. If you prefer to consider yourself east or mid-state, then by all means go ahead.I suppose it could give you a psycopsychological motivation and make you feel like you are fighting off a big ole monster. I think you need that type of inspiration for some reason. However, it won't change the fact that both teams are from the west. I hope I have been able to be of some assistance.
  2. Atlas I have been wanting to say the exact thing you just so eloquently said. I guess I was hoping that it would go away. You Peabody people popped off all week and we just sat back and stayed out of it. With the exception of ucdiditagain we have kept out of it after the game. Then you made your post which is in my opinion was exactly what needed to be said. I'm resisting the urge to fire off another round
  3. I am pulling for the Falcons. Get-R-DONE LC. Show em what R7 football is all about.
  4. Hello to all the CA posters. Congrats on making it to the Semis. We are fortunate to make it here and we look forward to playing you for a shot at getting to the VILLE. Sounds like both teams have been battle tested and are ready for a good battle this Friday night. We are a run first and second and third team. Nothing fancy at all. We will sling it once in a while but we depend on simply being physical at the point of attack and just grind away time after time. We will run the same play over and over and then suddenly, we have a good read by the QB and we are sprinting down field for a big gain. At least that's the way it has worked so far. We know we are in for a fight at your house and we will prepare for such. Hoping for a great week of talking it up with you guys.
  5. Alright we are getting ready for the coin toss. Captains are meeting at midfield. Stiff breeze. Peabody wins and elects to receive. The sirens are going off. It's time to play football
  6. Alright Tornadoes IT IS GAME DAY! TIME TO BUCKLE UP AND ROCK SOME HEADS. It's the QUARTER FINALS BABY! Win or GO HOME. Peabody wants to come in and end your season. They think you won last time because they didn't have all of their players. They think you can't beat them at full strength. WELL GUESS WHAT? WE WON LAST TIME AND WE WILL WIN THIS TIME. IT'S TIME TO COMPETE, PLAY PHYSICAL AND LIMIT FUMBLES. GO TORNADOES!
  7. Aight erebody we got us a big football game tomorrow night. Let's get us a good night's sleep and come out and support our teams. I'm going to turn this thing off and get my rest and then get up in the morning ready for some quarter finals football. Safe travels, no injuries and GO TORNADOES!
  8. Okay guys I'm on the T for the moment and I want to address at least one comment. Pbpride you called me ancient. What the crap? I'm 52 years old and that's the new 30. Ancient? I've been on the T for almost 10 years and I take a little time off because of technical issues and you guys turned on me. Either way I'm gonna be in the stands tomorrow night cheering on my Tornadoes. I think both teams know that this game is too close to call right now. Special teams, turnovers, and penalties will be the deciding factors in this game. We can't give the Tide extra downs on a drive by committing senseless penalties. Peabody can feel free to commit as many penalties as they want. Just saying. I think we need 4 stops and we must maintain long methodical drives either scoring or driving deep into Peabody territory. We must play our game.
  9. WOW! You Peabody boys are fired up. Must be some itch left in that stinging loss back earlier in the season. Yep my Tornadoes picked themselves up off the ground in that game and clawed their way back into contention. So I expect another fight.
  10. I was very impressed with the Douglas QB. Great arm and very accurate. He got the ball to his receivers pretty quick. We are going to need to improve more each week as the competition gets tougher. Great win. Go Tornadoes
  11. We played a pretty good game last week. We will have to continue to improve each week. This week it's Douglas and that's all we are focused on. Thanks for the input from our friends at TCA. We normally are not a good match for the teams out of Memphis. We are hoping for that to continue this Friday. One game at a time. It's the playoffs baby.
  12. I'm calling another dominating performance by the Stangs. They are simply playing at a higher level than the rest of 1A. HHS all the way to the Gold Ball
  13. It's simple for me. The winning team wins. I don't have a clue who will win here. I'm ................still not sure
  14. Great job UC. We have more games to play. More work to do. Go Tornadoes!. Thanks 1980. I appreciate your support
  15. I'm gonna throw my support to the Stangs. They will win by mercy rule and all Fayetteville can do is sit by and watch. They are not like any team you have played this year. When you see them play you will understand. Barring any major injuries Huntingdon will blow through the playoffs all the way to Cookeville.
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