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  1. Peabody, you’ve got this! Show those TC boys what R7 is all about. Roll Tide!
  2. Peabody by a couple of scores. Depending on whether or not it rains.
  3. https://wnws.com/livestreams/trenton-peabody-golden-tide/
  4. Only an hour and a half drive, which isn’t too bad. I hope both teams show up loud and proud. It makes for a better atmosphere for the boys. Sure, we may get wet, but we will dry too! How long have we been hoping for a Peabody/Waverly game??? I’ll suffer for a small amount of time compared to the amount of time our boys and Waverly’s boys have put into practicing and building up to this moment. They’ve put far more time than I’ve put. So they ought to have more support no matter the forecast! Roll Tide.
  5. I think the Waverly crowd will be impressed with our facilities. It’s all very nice for a small 2A school.
  6. This is going to be an epic battle. Waverly’s offensive blast versus Peabody’s defensive blast. It’s going to be a good one.
  7. This is going to be an intense game. Glad it’s in Trenton this year. I hope to see some packed stands. I’m a little disappointed at the turn out the turnout tonight and last week.
  8. Fingers crossed that we get to play on a dry field next week. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to a good week of banter with TCA.
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