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  1. I would agree. But it's Union City, so you never know.
  2. 28-0 Tide with 2 min left in the 1st half
  3. Peabody up on the opening kick off 7-0.
  4. While I know you’re joking about the middle school, I hate hearing that. I know I heard several teams refused to play us as the schedules were being made. I sure wish our non-region schedule was stronger. I’d love to see Huntingdon in the mix. It would be an amazing gate between either schools! Anyone know why this hasn’t happened yet?
  5. Hate to hear that..... I’m all about adding new teams to our schedule as needed. I just would wish for a challenge at least. We don’t need another Booker T W on the schedule..... Though I’m glad they flip flopped the schedule. If we have any injuries, it gives us more time to recover before playoffs.
  6. Ole rlcombs is a veteran on coacht. His name has changed slightly, but he’s no newbie fair weather fan. He’s usually fairly insightful on these games. He’ll talk trash with the best of them on here, but give him a chance. He’s usually pretty fair on predictions and opinions on any game.
  7. Thanks...... so no live stream I take it? Best of luck to both teams! I’m really interested in how this one pans out.
  8. I must say that even I was not expecting the game as it was played. I'm sure much was learned from this game. I wish yall luck the rest of the season!
  9. That's a pretty fun tool to play around with!
  10. Best way to watch or listen to this game... preferably watch it online??? Sorry if that's been posted already. I just didn't want to have to go through all the pages to find it.
  11. That's because they're used to playing on their field with that huge crown where they're always running down hill. They just forgot they were playing at Peabody and not Johnny Hale.
  12. I don’t want to add insult to injury and quite literally didn’t want our starters to risk injury by continuing to play in the 2nd half...... but imagine how it would’ve been if those key players weren’t pulled for Peabody. This game went nothing like predicted. I never expected the outcome. It could’ve been worse. I do look forward to following the rest of Milan’s season...... but man oh man am I even all the more excited about Peabody’s! I have no doubt Milan’s empire is on the up and up. They will fight this season after the game. I also can’t wait to see the new stadium!!!! It is well needed and well deserved. Good luck the rest of the season, Milan!
  13. I didn’t want to be the one that said it, but the dawgs aren’t playing. I think they sent the puppies.
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