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  1. Be rooting from Orange Beach…but I’ll still be cheering!
  2. Safe travels Westview! Been saying it since week 1 that Westview would win 2A. Good luck to both teams
  3. I’m sticking with the tide. I’ve been on Peabody all year and it’s staying that way. Good luck to both teams
  4. Good luck and safe travels to my Dyersburg people! Go get the W….from Lake Co
  5. Good job LC proud of the fight we put up. Exciting ballgame for 3 quarters! Peabody knows they had their hands full tonight.Quinn had an awesome game plan! Can’t wait for LC next year we are loaded! Congrats to Peabody you guys just keep on keeping on! Rooting for you guys to win it all. Love my Peabody family @PeabodyPride @Wediditagain For Seth and Jody 3 plays from a shutout this time…posers
  6. Let us hang around for 3 quarters this time…Peabody better put LC away early. If we can avoid the big plays and keep it close for 3 quarters who knows??? Hopefully LC pulls a shocker! Gonna miss my Peabody folks tonight…headed south with the fam
  7. I STILL don’t know who you are but this is spot on!
  8. Just a couple! We should be really good next year! Possibly a favorite from the west???
  9. Thanks Dr…we gonna give it our best! Hopefully Quinn has something special for y’all but depth isn’t a concern it’s a fact! Good luck to both and no injuries! The Dr is a good poster
  10. Sissy! Putting our best 11 out there. Quinn is gonna draw up something genius…I hope. Naw LC has to play 4 quarters like they did for a half the first game. Trenton should wear us down due to numbers but don’t sleep on the poor lil falcons. I know Seth one play from a shutout first time…gonna be a better effort this time
  11. Crickets….is Peabody really that worried? Posers
  12. At least they haven’t called for Swensons job….yet
  13. Lake County could’ve easily lost to Humboldt tonight if it weren’t for a pick 6…LC rolls big
  14. LC 26 Humboldt 18 3 minutes as I walked out
  15. I’m so frustrated I’m leaving…to hard to watch
  16. Pick 6 by Mullins 26-12! Play like this next week and Peabody beats our eyes shut with a curbstomping
  17. Watching LC play gives me indigestion….hard to watch even painful at times
  18. Shame on LC…we got 50 people here no lie
  19. I’m personally offended… Peabody 49 because they are nice Cartman 0
  20. Good post. I keep saying don’t sleep on them. Y’all should win but IF the rebels already chalked this one up watch out and be careful
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