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  1. 17 days until tournament. Almost at 50 confirmed teams!! Please contact Matt Ferrell at 931-510-8835 if interested.
  2. Usually don't chime in on these things, but seriously were you at this particular game? If the answer is no, you really don't know. If the answer is yes and you think that game was officiated well, then I got nothing for ya. I never get on here and say anything about officiating, but this was a disgrace that a district tournament game was officiated this poorly and I will leave it at that. One team shot 36 free throws. 3 6! 36! One shot 11. The foul count....sweet mother... The better team might have won. I am not saying they didn't. But anyone that was there and honest, on both sides, will tell you, the officiating 100% played a significant impact in the outcome of the game.
  3. Macon won the toss and will be the #1 tourney seed. Smith won the toss and will be the #7 seed in the tournament.
  4. Coach of the Year- McKinney (RBS) MVP- Taylor Strong (clay) Defensive MVP- Kassie Monday (Range) Co Freshman MVP- Shayla Wood (PC) and KK Donoho (Trousdale) 1st- Kenzie Arms, Aaliyah Brown, Kassie MOnday, Kaylee Monday, Shelby Petty 2nd- Abbi Bilbrey, Kennedy Fleming, Gracie Bush, Reece Stover, Britt (Gordonsville) 3rd- Kyndal Ludick, Haley Davis, Rachel Copass, Chloe Howard, Chloe Donoho All Defense Team- Kaylee Monday, Abbi Bilbrey, Elly Smith, Maddy Harlan, Claire Fleming All Freshman- Eliza Jenkins, Claire Fleming, CarolAnn Stockton, Katie Vaden, Liza Dennis, Lily Manor
  5. I agree that they can, but one thing was not in play for white or stone. Home game, post season atmosphere #1 and #2 seniors that have a lot of wins last potential game. I would not want to face Dishman in the go home game this year. I know UHS and MC CAN both win, I did not say they couldn't. I think they both can, but will definitely be tough in an EXTREMELY TOUGH atmosphere once they get to that game.
  6. Both of these teams will have an incredibly difficult time beating CCHS considering the Region TOurnament this year is AT CCHS!
  7. TSSAA needs to re-evaluate these situations. Penalizing programs and schools is not the correct way to go about this. #1 like is stated above, the kid can transfer and then the school/program is what truly suffers. Aside from that though, coaches and programs should not be what pays the ultimate price in these situations. Here is my reasoning: Coaches and whole teams should not be penalized for a 16/17 year old losing their cool for 45 seconds when in all reality, the coach could be doing EVERYTHING right. They could kick the kid off the team the next day, and it still does not take away what happened. Most of the times, the coach is not pushing this behavior. I think it is wrong to penalize the coach and/or the whole teams. Another example...if a kid starts a fight then quits the team the next day, who pays? The coach and the teammates. That is not right. These fights need to be put back on the individual kids and adults that are involved. If a kid is involved in a fight, make it an eligibility issue, no different than a suspension or a transfer. Make it an eligibility issue and deal with it harshly. If involved in a fight, 10 game suspension (no questions asked), but can be reviewed upon appeal by the TSSAA board. Either way, if involved the kid will serve some type of suspension. The TSSAA should create a board of coaches and administrators from all areas of the state. Have that board of coaches and administrators come up with a policy that can be applied in these situations. Let that board be who hears appeals, etc. This will add consistency to the situation that has been missing in previous events like this one. In reality, there is no easy way to deal with these situations, but post season bans on the entire team, several of which are not involved, is not working and is not the right way to deal with it. Penalize the team in other ways. Penalize the players individually. Have a group of people create the rule that the whole state will follow and MOST IMPORTANTLY, BE CONSISTENT!!!
  8. 3/6 and 4/5 matchups come tourney time will be good games. If they were on a neutral site, could be really good games in my opinion. If Pickett ends up the 6, they have a legit shot at RBS. If it is Jackson or Clarkrange, I would think they have a chance too. All depends on the big for RBS. I would think Trousdale and Gordonsville at the 4/5 will be a complete toss up. All District, Marsh is the most dominant kid...but I honestly don't know that West isn't the best player in this district. He is a kid that makes every single kid on the floor around him better. Him or Marsh, neither choice will be wrong.
  9. A good point. To this point, a kid like John Jenkins (clearly the best HS player in TN at that time) never played in the state tournament. Doesn't mean he wasn't deserving of the award. He was definitely the BEST PLAYER....which is what this award is. IMO however, a team aspect should also be taken into consideration. For example, a kid on a great team may not have to average 30 every night to win. They may average 16 and 8 rebounds and contribute in every area to winning. That should definitely hold some weight in the argument in my opinion.
  10. Looking to have the most competitive tournament in Tennessee for this weekend!! If interested, please contact Matt Ferrell for a group rate now! 931-510-8835
  11. Class A definitely Deserving in my opinion, no certain order: Chloe Moore and Tess Darby (Greenfield), Aaliyah Brown (Pickett), Kenzie Arms and Taylor Strong (Clay Co) How you get that list to 3, I am not sure haha. Class AA: Keely Carter/Jalyn Gregory (Macon County), Gracee Dishman (Cumberland), Wykle from South Green. IMO Wykle is a tough kid to beat for this award. A 2 time state champion, 4.0 GPA, ultimate competitor, and amazing stats, as well as 2,000 career points while missing a complete season. IMO, shes a tough kid to beat. Dishman will end up with 3,000 in her career though, so although the team stats haven't been as good, 3,000 is amazing. Tough to ever get that.
  12. I would be FLOORED if Clay can win on the road AT Clarkrange....
  13. Tennessee Rush Basketball will hold tryouts for its' girls teams on February 16, 2019 at Cookeville High School!! The tryout is for 3rd-8th grade girls and the times are listed below: 3rd Girls: 11:30- 1 PM WEST GYM 4th Girls: 11:30- 1 PM EAST GYM 5th Girls: 10-11:30 AM WEST GYM 6th Girls: 10-11:30 AM EAST GYM 7th Girls: 10- 11:30 AM MAIN GYM 8th Girls: 11:30- 1 PM MAIN GYM Please contact Matt Ferrell at 931-510-8835 or sign up online at www.tennesseerush.com!
  14. HUGE next couple of weeks for District 6A!! How does everyone see the district playing out? Preseason picks were: 1. Clarkrange 2. Clay 3. Pickett 4. RBS 5. Trousdale Is that how everyone sees it playing out down the stretch? As of right now, there is a 3 way tie for first between those top 3. Pickett has to go to Clay, Clay has to go to Clarkrange, and Clarkrange has to go to Pickett. I think Clarkrange wins at home over Clay, Pickett/Clarkrange at Pickett is a toss up imo, and Pickett wins at home over Clay. Good luck to everyone as we head down the home stretch toward tourney time!
  15. Yeah and I guess Love and cunningham don't count since neither of them were from ATMS? Get educated before you try to argue....
  16. My bad. Didn't realize it was 1 on 1 we were talking about. I would be willing to bet that one of the Dunaway twins could guard one of them. And they couldn't stop them in middle school...seriously...you mean when CHS talent was divided among 3 schools....GREAT ARGUMENT!! Hurst and Crouch are both good players. Very good players. The fact that the only college committed kid on EITHER team didn't impress you doesn't really blow my mind considering the argument that you're trying to make. However, I am certain it is clear that you know more than most college coaches...so let's just go with what you think. Upperman would definitely win should they meet.....so let's hope they reach out to CHS about scheduling that game next year. OF COURSE we all know that will NEVER happen....FOR OBVIOUS reasons. Kinda hard to convince people Upperman should be their choice when Cookeville beats them...only way to keep that from happening isssss.........you guessed it. Don't schedule...
  17. Upperman wouldn't play Cookeville within single digits this year and that's a fact. They have NO ONE on their team that can guard CG Savage. She would score at will on them. I also think drastically underestimated the guards at Cookeville. They may not score as much as Hurst and Crouch do typically, but they could defend them. I have 0 doubts in my mind about that. Lets just cross reference common opponents for fun. Cookeville beat LA by 30. Upperman by 20. (+10 Cookeville)--by the way this game was 30 at the half. Gillies made a 3 at the buzzer to put it to 30. Was never EVER a contest and the entire bench played the second half. Cookeville beat Cannon by 3. Upperman beat Cannon by 9. (Upperman +6) Hm. Interesting fact. Two schools, sitting within 10 miles of each other only play two common opponents. Wonder why Upperman doesn't play...Cookeville, White County, Lebanon, Clarkrange......I could go on. Bottom line is THIS YEAR (not years past, current)....THIS YEAR, Cookeville is the better team. Some strong koolaid has been drank to think otherwise.
  18. TN Rush will be hosting their 5th annual Rush 2 Gold Tournament in Cookeville, TN on March 29-31. The tournament will be held at Cookeville High School and surrounding gyms. All gyms are within 10 minutes of each other and competition is expected to be good as always. Please contact Matt Ferrell at 931-510-8835 or [email protected] for more information. Great multi-team for several teams in same organization!
  19. I had a key word in my post. GOOD HS and MS coaches. lol....secondly as long as there are coaches in aau, there will be recruiting? There was recruiting a long time before AAU became relevant. There will be a long time after it's gone. The more these kids get to interact with technology, the more they recruit each other and plant those seeds. A lot of times, the coach doesn't have to say anything. Also, let it be known the Insell machine that ran through Shelbyville was a recruiting monster....recruiting will happen. Transfers will happen. Those are facts. No reason to penalize the kids and take GOOD coaches out of the game.
  20. All these are opinions, but does this not penalize the kids? IMO the black market that has been created in the AAU game is in large part due to high school organizations such as TSSAA, etc keeping the coaches that coach high schools, etc from coaching in AAU also. What I mean by that is this. It takes the guys out that are genuinely wanting to coach basketball for the right reasons. It fills their places with people who are personal trainers or knowledgeable about the game, but most of the time really just want to make money doing it. So, it seems it would be better to have a middle ground some other way. Don't take the best teachers of the game (good HS and MS coaches) and remove them from the AAU game so that they can be replaced with people who want to cash in on the kids. Just seems counterproductive in every way IF the desired outcome is kids that are better basketball players and people.
  21. The majority of the people at Macon that think boys basketball is a train wreck there don't know basketball clearly. I know Coach Owens and Coach Welch well. Both do a great job. To insinuate that Coach Welch hasnt performed more times than not at Macon is somewhat laughable. Can anyone give the statistics on this? How many times has he been to the state tournament? Twice I believe? Just curious as to how many times Macon boys have been to the state tournament in total?
  22. Cookeville is going to be the surprise of this district IMO. I think they shock people and win the district. Stone second, White, Rhea and Warren. I honestly don't know that Warren can beat anyone in this district this year, even with a senior laden group that has played a bunch. Stone is going to have the most overall talent probably, but the speed at which they have to play due to their size will be a tough thing to overcome if Cookeville or White can ever get the lead on them. Rhea will be competitive most always too as they showed recently witht heir win over EH.
  23. How does everyone see Pickett/LA game tonight going? Also what about the Dekalb/York game Friday night? I am anxious to see how that one plays out!
  24. Game was not played. No referees showed up for the game and it was cancelled about thirty minutes after it was supposed to start.
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