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Dresden Lions 2019

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On 7/19/2019 at 1:05 AM, tradertwo said:

Hope to see you there... Gate and food's on me.

THANK YOU TraderTwo! That's a generous offer. I will take you up on that if I able to go. :-)

On Yates brothers, as to one coming back this year, that was info I heard (& repeated) from the Friday Main Event football podcast  posted earlier (the talk on Lions start around 20mins. Listen for yourself). And therefore I went off of that info, & when T'ers said both had graduated I then thought possibly a third Yates brother or kin was coming up the ranks since that Podcast said what they did..  Can't recall but I thought I referenced that. I not "back-tracking", just explaining reality. But it don't matter. Such truth falls on deaf ears for certain kinds of people, & they will twist anything around in their own minds. Haters gonna hate. I prob wasting my time (&:others time too). And GiveItUp & Troll.. (No doubt both ARE the same "idgit"), please, I BEG you.. see me >in person< at any football game. PLEASE! I am being super serious! You obviously know who I am (aren't you super blessed! Tehe!). Whatever issue(s) you have with me will be settled, I guarantee it, in public, face to face. But I (& no doubt most everyone else) knows anonymous keyboarding cowards like you would never do such a thing. I soooo wish you would though.. and even have it video'd for YouTube. Time will tell if you are cowardly or "real". And the only "nerve" struck on me is funny-bone. It's hilarious reading your junk & seeing what it manifests about you. Well... I just thought, it won't matter anyways as The Word teaches, no matter what is said, even if the Lord Himself says it, truth and fools never mix. Deaf ears & blind eyes don't hear nor see. But if you do visit me at a game, (please do! PLEASE).. you WILL see 'how I roll' (& rock too. Ha!). Even though it probably won't benefit you, perhaps it'd help another though. idk. Time will tell. Sad really. I feel sorry for & pity you. (No more wasting time on the T with the likes of you)

 And I found, to be sure, a FB post (in Dec '18) that says the dynamic duo Yates brothers are both playing football at Bethel Univ. It'd be fun to watch them play. As well as watch former Lions at UTM. (two nearest colleges with DHS grads). Talk about grads/alumni.. though a diff sport, how about that Matt Beatty on LA Dodgers! What a homer! Wow! 

 Here's a link (below) on all of 1A Region 7 teams.. incl'd returning starters & key players, etc. Perhaps some trivia guru/expert would find a mistake there too in their info.. then the name-bashing of liar, idiot, or whatever can begin on this as well. Ha!


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