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Peabody vs McKenzie (West Semi Finals)


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Alright TideNation !!! Let’s Roll Tide to Rebel Nation with class and show out for our young gridiron warriors !!! As always make the trip and spend money locally if you can please ! I surely want Out Trenton Peabody Golden Tidemen to leave with a Victory , but, this is the first in a lot of battles our youth will change in a everchanging world, I humbly pray that win or lose we celebrate the accomplishments of all these young men that will wear their schools colors tonight , be it black and gold or red and silver ! I appreciate the fun back and forth but even more so the kindness shown in a tough situation for our youth in Trenton !  I can say for TideNation we appreciate those of you that will make the trip on a cold night to watch some great football !!!!

                           Roll Tide Roll


                     TIDE 21 Rebels 17

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1 hour ago, maverick348 said:

Definitely been some classy posters from Trenton and McKenzie. Hopefully it will be an injury free game and the referees will let the players decide the game. McKenzie Rebels have had an exciting and productive year and hopefully they can get the win tonight against a tough Trenton Peabody.



It has been pretty fun this week discussing this game. Of course I want the Tide to win, but if that doesn’t happen I will definitely be rooting for McKenzie next week. Coach Comer has been at McKenzie for a long time and let’s face it he won’t be there much longer (retirement in the next few years). He has been close to going to state a few times and if his team gets over the hump tonight congratulations to him and his team. I just don’t think it will happen. ROLL TIDE!!

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