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Oak Ridge football 2023


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With new Coach Derek Rang taking the helm, it should be an interesting season in Wildcat Country. Interested to see what coaches he will retain, and which ones he will bring into the fold. We have quite a bit of talent coming back, both on offense and defense. Dozier @ RB being a more central feature at the RB position with the departure of Jai Hundley, will probably have a great chance to make All State in ‘23. Heyward should also have a big year at wideout.

I think Almani Rembert (speed burner) will have a much bigger impact on the offensive side of the ball. Ethan Garza returns at QB, but I wonder if rising star Stansberry (Soph) will challenge him there. Rang has always been great at developing QBs and Stansberry has a ton of potential. I look to Garza to start, though with the experience he brings in. With every year, it seems, the biggest ? marks will be on both the OL & DL fronts, although we do have 2 or 3 starters returning on both sides. Look forward to hearing others’ comments and opinions. And as always, Roll Wildcats Roll.

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15 minutes ago, wolfgang said:

You Rang? Who dat Rang?  Who dat dink dey gonna make all state? Who dat Dozier? Who dat Heyward? Who dat dink dey got all dat speed?  Who dat Rembert?  Who dat dink dey gonna play qb? Who dat Garza? Who dat Stansberry? 






Interesting. Thanks so much for the amazing input.

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45 minutes ago, MurphyCollege said:

Does Rang even coach a game at oak ridge? From what I hear the booming real estate market in blount is going to create some new job openings. Maybe Rang misses home.  Shad won’t be the only domino to fall. If you want to reply you better hurry before bounded gets this thread locked too. 

If he does he does. Life goes on. 

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