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D1 AA Preview And Predictions


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8 hours ago, FargoStrut said:

All good Bumpy, we wont mind if you stay up all night giving great insight and making projections for the next 10 weight classes.  In all seriousness, it's good stuff and I enjoy reading them. Great work!!!

i have done exactly that in years past, but getting up at 4am for work now makes that alot harder lol

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alright i’m gonna get the predictions part in as quickly as possible, and then i will do my best to go back through and edit in as many previews as i can before 230. 




Favorites: Ethan Lipsey (Bradley), Damen Pullen (Collierville)

 Bracket Busters: Gavin Armstrong (Dobyns), Lucas Prewitt (Anderson), Landon Beasley (Oakland)


So Ethan Lipsey is the clear favorite here, but there’s a few guys that have the skill set to beat him if he isn’t on top of his game. Pullen and Posey (Sounds like a law firm) are both potential future state champs if you ask me. Pullen is now a 3 time region champ, but has struggled to turn it into post season success. Posey came out of nowhere this year, after a very underwhelming freshman campaign. His only in-state losses are to Pullen, Bentley Ellison, and Caleb Uhorchuck…none of those are bad losses. All 3 are potentially state champs or finalists this year. He’d be on my shortlist for “Most Improved”. Then you have Judson Jarrett, who is coming off of back to back 3rd place finishes (and also got screwed by the bracket for not winning his region). Can he move up a step or 2 on the podium this year? This weight should be one of the most fun of the weekend. Based on the talent in this bracket, i’d say it’s P4P, from top to bottom, one of the best brackets as far as total talent involved.


1. Ethan Lipsey (Bradley)

2. Damen Pullen (Collierville)

3. Michael Posey (Summit)

4. Judson Jarrett (Brentwood)

5. Gavin Armstrong (Dobyns)

6. Jacob Geiser (Houston)

One Match Away: Landon Beasley (Oakland), Kaden Rice (Cleveland)


 First Round Matches To Watch:

Rice vs Armstrong, Robinson vs Prewitt, Geiser vs Miller

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Favorites: Landon Desselle (Summit)

 Bracket Busters: Ben Tucker (Dobyns), Max Landrum (Rossview), Riddeck Romano (Indy)


No offense to anyone else in this bracket whatsoever, but let’s be honest, it’s Landon Desselle, and then everyone else. The Fargo All-American and 2 time returning medalist hasn’t lost a match in the state of Tennessee all year, and hasn’t even really come close. His closest in state match this year was a 5-0 win over Lakeway’s Caleb Gumlick in the Johnny Drennan semis, and even that wasn’t as close as the score would make you think. Landon has been operating on his own level all year and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks there’s any reason to believe that’s gonna change this weekend.  

Now the rest of the podium is a different story. You have a returning medalist, plus 6 others who have been in or around the rankings at some point this year. Warnock and Yazdani seem to be makeshift leaders of that pack chasing Desselle, and should they meet in the semis, i’d expect another close, exciting match, in a rematch of the GP West final. Rounding out the bottom of the podium was tough, so i wouldn’t be shocked at all if i’m 100% wrong.



1. Landon Desselle (Summit)

2. Connor Warnock (Wilson)

3. Arash Yazdani (Brentwood)

4. Jaxsen Nieuwsma (Oakland)

5. Grant Myers (Blackman)

6. Noah Creque (Siegel)

One Match Away: Christian Wilson (Walker Valley), Max Landrum (Rossview)


 First Round Matches To Watch:

Desselle vs Wilson, Romano vs Nieuwsma, Yazdani vs Myers

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Favorites: Luke Belcher (Bradley), Mason Sells (Blackman)

 Bracket Busters: Jack Anderson (Bartlett), Cannon Mullins (Dobyns), Jazarius Ellis (Gallatin)


Luke Belcher is the top guy here. He’s been tested but has passed every major test to this point. Sounds like a typical “until proven otherwise” story, and idk who’s gonna be the one to prove it otherwise….


*Lee Corso voice*


NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! Sound the (not so large) upset alarm! The gap between Luke and Mason Sells has gotten smaller and smaller. They’ve wrestled twice this year, 2 very close matches, and Mason inched ever so much closer to pulling it out last weekend. I think the third time is the charm. Give me Sells!


Elsewhere..Leach, Wittman, Myers, and Robles are the safest of bets to round out the podium. It’s just a matter of figuring out what order to put them in. With all of my knowledge and research, i think (hope) i got it right!


1. Mason Sells (Blackman)

2. Luke Belcher (Bradley)

3. Brayden Leach (Summit)

4. Brock Wittman (Franklin)

5. Wendell Myers (Wilson)

6. Seth Robles (Clarksville)

One Match Away: Cannon Mullins (Dobyns), Jazarius Ellis (Gallatin)


 First Round Matches To Watch:

Belcher vs Anderson, Prewitt vs Myers

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Favorites: Logan Fowler (Cleveland), Finley Jameson (Summit)

 Bracket Busters: Coen Myers (Beech), Nate McKee (Heritage), James Beck (Science Hill)


Another weight with anywhere up to 9-10 or so guys who could realistically be standing on the podium come Saturday afternoon. There’s 5 returning medalists, 3 of which are multi-time medalists. But only one is a former state champ. Only one has climbed the mountain and stood at the top. That young man is Logan Fowler. And in a bracket filled with experience, my money is on Logan to climb that mountain again. He just seems to have a leg up on the rest of the field, and in typical Cleveland fashion, i fully expect him to shine the most when the lights come on Saturday afternoon.

Jameson managed to be the only returning medalist on the top half, while the other 4 have to go through each other just to make the final. And while there’s some big time talent up top with him, i expect him to navigate his way to the final. I believe Fort is the best of the rest by a decent margin, and then it just comes down to the draw. 


1. Logan Fowler (Cleveland)

2. Finley Jameson (Summit)

3. Riley Fort (Wilson)

4. Chase Mayes (Nolensville)

5. Coen Myers (Beech)

6. Ethan Cunningham (Northwest)

One Match Away: James Beck (Science Hill), Clark Vaughn (Brentwood)


 First Round Matches To Watch:

Cunningham vs Taylor, Myers vs Lindsay, Vaughn vs Beck

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Favorites: Max Norman (Dobyns)

Bracket Busters: Jack Stein (Clarksville), Camron Isabel (Wilson), Matthew Schutt (Hillsboro)


1. Max Norman (Dobyns)

2. Cy Fowler (Cleveland)

3. Tre McTorry (Nolensville)

4. Jack Stein (Clarksville)

5. Jacob Barlow (Coffee Co)

6. Camron Isabel (Wilson)

One Match Away: Matthew Schutt (Hillsboro), David Cantrell (Walker Valley)


First Round Matches To Watch:

Cantrell vs McMillan, Alvarez vs Isabel, Barlow vs McTorry

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Favorites: Wyatt Gibbs (Brentwood), Lucas Szymborski (Cleveland)

Bracket Busters: Aiden Enters (Farragut), Sam Griggs (Wilson), Henry Tate (Houston)


1. Lucas Szymborski (Cleveland)

2. Wyatt Gibbs (Brentwood)

3. Spencer Kon (Indy)

4. Michael Colligen (Maryville)

5. Sam Griggs (Wilson)

6. Aidan Enters (Farragut)

One Match Away: Wade Brooks (Bradley), Henry Tate (Houston)


First Round Matches To Watch:

Dempsey vs Brooks, Tate vs Ehrlich

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Favorites: Aiden Brenot (Clarksville)

Bracket Busters: Aiden Thompson (Brentwood), Nikolas Burke (Dobyns), Zerek Keel (Warren)


1. Aiden Brenot (Clarksville)

2. Dean Carrion (Houston)

3. Hayden Sinner (Nolensville)

4. Knox Watson (Bradley)

5. Jens Schreiber (Summit)

6. Nikolas Burke (Dobyns)

One Match Away: James Robinson (Jefferson), Zerek Keel (Warren)


First Round Matches To Watch:

Brenot vs Thompson, Keel vs Martin

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Favorites: Devon Medina (Science Hill), Thomas Stadel (Maryville)

Bracket Busters: Ayden Derry (Anderson), Tyson Russell (Cleveland), Jimmy Taylor (Dobyns)


1. Devon Medina (Science Hill)

2. Thomas Stadel (Maryville)

3. Zach Sinner (Nolensville)

4. James Green (Franklin)

5. Miles Workman (Blackman)

6. Hayven Jenkins (Oakland)

One Match Away: Tyson Russell (Cleveland), Jimmy Taylor (Dobyns)


First Round Matches To Watch:

Jenkins vs Sinner, Derry vs Ellis, Russell vs Green

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Favorites: Noah Todd (Wilson), Peyton Cooper (Maryville), Garrett Crowder (Dobyns)

Bracket Busters: Noah Dixon (Brentwood), Daylon Talley (MoTown East), Hayden Nichols (Bradley)


1. Noah Todd (Wilson)

2. Garrett Crowder (Dobyns)

3. Peyton Cooper (Maryville)

4. Noah Dixon (Brentwood)

5. Patrick Styblo (Centennial)

6. Logan McBee (Shelbyville)

One Match Away: Daylon Talley (MoTown East), Hayden Nichols (Bradley)


First Round Matches To Watch:

Dixon vs Cooper, Talley vs Elmore

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Favorites: Hayden McDonald (Maryville), Keimel Redford (Science Hill)

Bracket Busters: Blayne Myers (Coffee), Randy Jefferson (Cordova), Elijah Sumler (McGavock)


1. Hayden McDonald (Maryville)

2. Keimel Redford (Science Hill)

3. Ontarrious Woodruff (Howard)

4. Jeremiah Townsend (Walker Valley)

5. Zach Turk (Oakland)

6. Blayne Myers (Coffee)

One Match Away: Randy Jefferson (Cordova), Elijah Sumler (McGavock)


First Round Matches To Watch:

Redford vs Woodruff, McDonald vs Townsend

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