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DII AAA Chattanooga Bowl


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9 hours ago, Booger said:

...Baylor keeps the Heavyweight Belt and adds its 2nd Gold Ball to the case over at the Suk Creek Campus

thats a Booger Pickin :thumb:

D2-AAA Gold Balls tend to go in bunches....lately streaks of 3-4 years going back to Ensworth, BA, and McCallie.

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I will give the slight edge to McCallie in this one.  Both have explosive offensives that can score quickly.  Baylor with Jefferson/LeBlanc/Muschamp and McCallie with the 1-2 punch at RB and mobile QB.  I trust the McCallie defense to get the 1-2 stops that will be the difference in the game.  I doubt either team will turn it over.  McCallie has a really good kicker and it could come down to that.   I'll go 34-28 McCallie.  Will be a national holiday in Canada and they can parade the trophy through the streets of Montreal.

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20 minutes ago, JRB said:

What is capacity?

The largest crowd for a UTC game was the stadium opening at 22k in 97 which was probably inflated. Think they had a few crowds in that range when they hosted the FCS national championship back around 2000. Capacity is listed just over 20k

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