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Oak Ridge Basketball


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The Oak Ridge and Karns games have been spirited for many years and last season's Region game threw more fuel on the fire. As for the OR student who was involved with the Karns player after the game, he is banned from any remaining home games. Next week round 2 will take place at Karns. It should be fun. 

I'm not sure where the lack of depth comment came from but I would have to respectively disagree. The Wildcats are deep at the post position and solid at the guard position. The point position might be what they are referring to but that is working itself out with the injured Pryce Davis's return recently. 


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    • I assume with the hiring situation they are in, and pretty much everyone is in for that matter, he will call the defense. I think he brought someone in to do the offense. I have heard that it is a Skelton crew over there at the moment. It's just so difficult to hire coaches for anyone really. I hope he can get some guys in there. 
    • Rutherford County Spring Practice/Scrimmage Dates Blackman: April 30-May 17. Scrimmage: May 17 vs. Beech, 6:30 La Vergne: April 1-18. Intrasquad scrimmage on April 18, 5 pm Oakland: April 22-May 11. Scrimmage: May 11 vs. Knoxville Catholic, at Tennessee Tech, 11 am Riverdale: April 22-May 9. Scrimmage: May 9 vs. Hendersonville, 6 p.m., site TBD Rockvale: May 1-17. Scrimmage: May 17 at Wilson Central, 6 pm Siegel: April 9-May 16. Scrimmage: May 16 vs. Brentwood, time TBA Stewarts Creek: April 29-May 16. Scrimmage: May 16 vs. Independence, 6 pm Smyrna: Completed (March 1-20)   These are per the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal. 
    • Finally he has returned. Maybe he can tell us if it was one of the new players Keith brought in
    • I heard it was a Loudon County school. I don't think LC will be hurting. They are about to build an indoor facility that will put Clinton's to shame
    • the news story said that the contract between the operator of the school and the school board was expiring and was not going to be renewed.  The news story also reported that the students would be going to Trezevant as that is the closest Shelby county school.
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