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6A Championship- Oakland v. Houston


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12 minutes ago, tradertwo said:

Creasy is just a good coach... the one you reference "retired" from HS football at Maryville a couple or three years back.

Yeah but heck…. Oakland broke their dynasty back then Oakland was the downfall of maryville and Bradley county’s gonna capitalize this region the next few years lol jk jk but j Allen terry is gonna be a monster next year… kid is fast and hits like a Mack truck 

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13 minutes ago, ttitan27 said:

Congrats to the Houston team.  They were the best team on the field tonight without question.   Looking forward to next season for the Patriots.   

Bradley will meet Oakland again in semis I’m calling it now lol I was only wrong ONCE this season so y’all gotta give me creds lol j Allen terry is gonna be a force to recognize for Bradley next year… kids a lot bigger and faster than boo.. he just hits too much.. he don’t juke he hits head on like a Mack 

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17 minutes ago, Bradleysports23 said:

Yeah they win by size bullying and kicking the ball in the end zone everytime lol only got to do that one pony truck once tonight lol Houston some big ole boys…. 

No doubt it starts upfront when you play Oakland. If you control the line of scrimmage, you can beat them. But that’s easier said than done. As BC witnessed first hand. They do a lot of misdirection, pulling of lineman in unique ways, running wide and between the tackles. They do more than just play bully ball. Houston was able to shut them down tonight. Not many teams can say that over the last 5 years. But they were able to because they have a lot of size, speed, and skill in their front seven. And they obviously schemed well for them too. 

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