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6A Championship- Oakland v. Houston


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11 hours ago, BarnBurner09 said:

This will be the premiere game in all of Tennessee. 

Houston can shock the world. And I think they will. 

In barnburner fashion

Houston 28

Oakland’ 27 

this will be the premier contest only in the brain housin group of BarnBurner09 and a few of the other Houston fans.....no one else....

tho this will be an excitin contest for bout a quarter.....more than one other contest crowd present before this contest will prove that thgis ant the one

Booger just sayin :mrgreen:

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This is from an outsider looking in, so keep that in mind.....    From what I have been able to see Oakland just basically lines up and runs the ball right at you for 4 quarters.     Not trying to act like an NFL throw-it-60x type of offense.         Upperman apparently does the same thing and ran all over Greeneville last night.          My opinion, and that's all it is, is that too much emphasis is placed on HS teams trying to run a spread NFL offense with complicated schemes and routes, instead of focusing on doing the basic fundamentals better than all the other teams you play.       It can be done at the HS level for sure, but year-in & year-out very few schools have the skillsets necessary to successfully live and die on a NFL offense.            Now maybe that only works with the right personnel, i.e., O-line that averages 290 plus a group of tough hard-nosed RB's who are not afraid of collision.      Plus, let's face it, 5 yards & a cloud of dust is a rather boring offensive scheme, so could it be that egos demand looking like a mini NFL team?                 Whatever your view on this, keep in mind that Oakland & Upperman are in their respective title games next week while the rest of us are out Christmas shopping.

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