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    • This clip is the story of the whole match, Heflin was the aggressor the entire time and the whistle kept getting blown for potential dangerous. The better kid won
    • What was the score in the Stacey vs Mctorry match when the injury occurred?
    • Absolutely correct abot EVERYONE being confused. -Both wrestlers were confused as to why there was a stoppage. Pretty sure Heflin wanted to keep wrestling because he didnt even know said "infraction" even occured. -Coaches confused as to why there was a stoppage at that point - Fans confused as to why there was a stoppage - Refs called for a stoppage. From my vantage point on the floor which was facing the ref when he approached the scorer's table, I thought he first said "headgear" while he for sure held up 1 point red. I will admit I'm not a very good  lip-reader but that's what I think he said. There was a mini- discussion with the secondary ref and it was then changed to 1 point green. At minimum, ref showed the same uncertainty and confusion on the call as the rest of us while we all wondered why there was a stoppage in the first place.  
    • I hope they come ready to play and make a run to the state. When is the last time the Cavs went to the glass house?
    • The match we thought we would see in the final is now set for a knock out game Tuesday night.   Cookeville handles Rockvale by 20.  The game was close the first half but the Cavs finally got 10 some good in rhythm looks to get the offense rolling and the Cav D finally stopped giving up easy layups in the 3rd to pull away.  For the first time I can remember this season, the Cav defense was trash.  That’s a little concerning but I am sure they will fix that before next game.  Siegel appears  to have struggled with Lebanon which is a shocking.  It was a 3 pt game late in the 4th.  The Stars go on a 10-0 run and pull away.  Lebanon has not been very good in their matchups vs Cookeville so it was surprising that this game was close.  Maybe the Stars were looking to the next round.   Cookeville vs Siegel Tuesday night in Oakland might be the best game in the state.  A win Tuesday will put the Cavs in the final and may put them in another matchup vs a Lavergne team that is playing very well. 
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