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  1. As a Mustangs fan, I’m hopeful for a rematch in March!
  2. Oh don’t y’all worry, those Loretto boys will be right back here next year.
  3. Hey they are the defending state champions.
  4. If I were a betting man, I would still put my money on Loretto.
  5. Stone Memorial will hire coach Greg Tipps from Loretto. Great guy, and here's some advise for the folks at Stone Memorial: get behind this guy because he does nothing but WIN. We will miss him greatly at Loretto.
  6. Thank you for the compliments. We do the best we can. You can catch the game on mustangstv.com. There is also a stadium FM broadcast. As far as predictions go, I'm thinking the final will be 21-6 Mustangs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHp9YSmNdT4
  7. August 23rd​ Lewis Co. (7:30PM)​​Home August 30th​ Open​ September 6th​​ Perry Co. ​​Away​ September 13th​ Lawrence Co.​​Away September 20th​ Collinwood​Home September 27th ​Mt. Pleasant​Home October 4th​ Wayne Co. ​Home October 11th​Trousdale Co. ​​Home October 18th​ Richland​Away October 25th​ Columbia Academy​​Away November 1st ​​Ft. Campbell (KY)​Away​
  8. LOL I've got news for you...the officiating was HORRIBLE on both sides tonight!! Great Win Mustangs!!
  9. Spoke with Greg and he said he has NOT inquired about nor interested in the job!! He is very happy where he is.
  10. I'll say it this year like I said it last year. Better not count out the Lady Mustangs of Loretto.
  11. That 30 point loss earlier in the year was on a day the Lady Mustangs had already played and were tired. Jackson Co. had not played that day yet. Will be very interesting with both teams having fresh legs
  12. Probably won't happen again in my lifetime. I'm 24. Good luck to all 3 teams!
  13. The site is faster than ever! Thanks for all you and iamoz do!
  14. Pretty much any player that wants to get a basketball scholarship plays AAU as that's where college coaches mostly watch kids play. If you want to get a softball scholarship, you play travel softball.
  15. Mustangs take the win tonight 16-5!!
  16. Lee Boyd hired this morning as the Mustangs new coach. http://www.wdxe.com/wdxe.php?rfc=narticle.php&id=16765
  17. Yep, you are right. Laws is all we've got. You shouldn't even guard the other 4 players on the floor. Haha give me a break!! You honestly think Loretto is in the Final 4 with only 1 great player? You're very wrong my friend.
  18. Summertown is definitely NOT THE BARN!!
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