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  1. Can't pull for Bradley or Lebanon . Both teams get the best players from around every year . Bradley gets Hamilton Co best and Lebanon gets AAU players . Schools that do it right have bid disadvantage . Of course Riverdale has been getting best for years . Just my thing .
  2. Warriorettes will be a year older next year . Trouble is everybody else is in the same shoes . We should be better as everybody else . Need to stop playing so many cupcakes during the regular season . Playing good teams make you better . Don't believe Cookeville can handle Bradley's pressure . Stone and Bradley in finals . Stone can win it because Bradley not as good as year's past .
  3. White Co needs to keep their defense on a high level to beat Bradley . Saw Bradley play . They are big and long . Home crowd needs to be 6th man . Hope for a huge crowd monday night .
  4. White Co loses to Bradley . Led at the half by one . 7 out of ten from three 1st half . Bradley went on 17 point run starting the 3rd qt . We didn't get a shot for our first nine or ten trips down the floor . Wound up with 29 turnovers for the game . Team didn't seem prepared for their pressure . Best part of Bradley's team is their defense . Even leading at the half , never felt good about game . Can't shot 70 from three entire game . Even with all of our team back next year , if we don't learn to take care of the ball , we will be no better . Hope for the best . To 85 Warrior - All of our district girls teams lose almost nothing . Cookeville loses Savage , Rhea loses none , Stone loses one . We need to play better teams to get used to pressure defense . We finished 3rd in the district this year and Cookeville beat us three times , Rhea twice , and Stone once . Won't get any better if our turnovers don't get better .
  5. White Co played hard all night with good defense . Just couldn't get over the hump . Play that hard against Bradley and we win . Our guys have to leave everything on the floor , no letup . Proud of the Warriors , great effort . Foul shooting was the difference in the game . Go Warriors .
  6. White Co girls lose again . Just don't understand why we can't guard anybody . We have girls that should be able to guard . Effort on defense not there . We are so much better than we are playing . Hope coach can make it happen . Bradley coach said best 4 seed he's ever played . If we don't turn it around , it could be bad . 1 and 7 last 8 games , what is going on ?
  7. Saw Bradley and Mcminn play . Warriors can play with them . Defense will be the key , along with rebounding . Warriors can win the district with a good game .
  8. Bradley Co not as good as their fans think . 6AAA teams can play with Bradley . Stone showed that .
  9. Saw Bradley Co and the rest of the teams last night . Bradley is a good team , not a great team . 6AAA teams can give them trouble . I like the way Bradley plays defense . East Ham , Mcminn , Cleveland , all very beatable . If White Co can break out of their slump , could get interesting . Bradley not as good as years past , but still good team .
  10. Warriors win led by Slatten . Defense was the key . Have to guard Stone the same way . Proud of Dodson for making foul shots at the end .
  11. White Co girls played right into Cookeville hands . Every time we trapped , they either got a lay up or open three . Our girls are playing their worst ball of the season . Two points in the 3rd quarter . 1 and 6 last 7 games . Still have time to turn it around . Time will tell .
  12. White Co wins if they play a man to man defense . That 's how we beat them last time . Defense wins . Can't let them shot the threes wide open . Should be a great game . Stone gym will be full . Sparta verses Cookeville , what more can you ask for .
  13. White Co can win if they play defense . Guard the threes and trap very little . You just need to guard their shooters . Our quickness could be the key in the game . Give Savage the three . Keep her outside .
  14. Get ready Stone high . White Co invasion next friday night as both boys and girls play rival Cookeville . Full house . If girls guard the three , game over . Boys have to play good defense and rebound . Let the games begin .
  15. Point guard played at Rhea . White Co needs to make up their mind to play defense . That will solve a lot of problems . If Cookeville beats Stone , White will play Warren to get in the district . Wow . I believe White Co will turn it around .
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