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  1. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Westmoreland Asst Coach position

    With the recent string of murders in Westy that made national news, that position may remain unfilled awhile.
  2. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    William Blount 2019

    I have never heard of anything crazier. These people at William Blount baffle me.
  3. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    William Blount 2019

    Does she earn a supplement?
  4. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    William Blount 2019

    Surely you are joking.
  5. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Best / Worst Facilities

    If you are using the Walmart theory, I never understood how my friends at South Pitt are only 1A. Not only do they have a Walmart but they also have a Cracker Barrell. Not to mention the state's biggest fireworks store.
  6. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Best / Worst Facilities

    No place like the Creekbank in Trousdale except when it floods! Worst field is Pickett County. Poor guys have to play on a baseball field. There are no real bleachers on the visitors side. There are no lights at one end of the field. Fans from there sit up on the hill at the school and watch instead of paying to come in! I admire the players who stick it out all season.
  7. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    Wise man
  8. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    TC Jackets may have some surprises a'comin.
  9. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    With Lebanon having decent seasons the last 2 years, recruits will not be heading to H2O like before.
  10. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Schools still needing Games

    Book it! Go Jackets!
  11. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    William Blount 2019

    I have no dog in this hunt and have no clue where WBHS even is. But this is a very entertaining thread even though it is confusing to outsiders like me. Shadroach is a colorful character and I am enjoying the attempts of many to squash the roach. He just keeps scurrying along. Maybe Shadroach has a future as a mystery writer.
  12. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    Trousdale has to be in the top 3 of any poll.
  13. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Cornersville 2019

    100% agree with that.
  14. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Best 1-A team since 2000 (yes I'm bored)

    07 SP team was very fast.
  15. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Best 1-A team since 2000 (yes I'm bored)

    NCS 2015 may have had a juggernaut of D1 talent, but they just did not have the typical " the town closes down on game night" 1A fan following that many other 1A great teams had.