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  1. I am a big Coach Creasy fan but I question this move. TC played both Lebanon and Gallatin. We are in the same area so it was a good way to make a good gate. Oakland has no history with SP. Creasy does but not Oakland.
  2. It is a way to get the 1A players injured. Oakland is going to start out with starters. Even if they play their 100 boys on the sidelines they will have fresh boys coming in against a very weary SP team. I would have done without a game than to schedule this.
  3. Why does Oakland schedule a 1A school? What do they get out of it besides resting starters and building up their stats? They already torched one 1A school a couple of years ago.
  4. I stand along the fence so it doesn't matter to me but it looks nice to see the stadium packed on the home side.
  5. Says the guy who writes like an ignorant hick who suffers from multiple personalities.
  6. There are not two Dillard brothers. There is no Roy in the first place only OP on two accounts.
  7. Maybe some punches thrown in the stands and parking lot by fans.
  8. Who is going to throw down 25G's every year? Why isn't he coaching pro?
  9. Big Purple, the ghost stalker is just mad he did not get the Trousdale job. He bashes the program because of it. I think his only friend is our former coach that got axed for stealing gas.
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