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  1. No they already had the first season. Coach Rice from Wayne County is the head coach. Does anyone know how his son is that was in the bad wreck last fall?
  2. MC seems like a springboard coaching stop to me for Coach White.
  3. TSSAA has never been about what is best for the schools and players. They are in it for the bucks.
  4. Boys hauled hay through the summer , worked on farms, worked construction, and were used to the heat. Players these days are not.
  5. How do they expect players to be in shape to combat the heat-filled scrimmages, practices, and games. Do we have players collapse because of not being conditioned? Is that not as dangerous ?
  6. Coaches have to pay bills just like we do. If you were counting on that extra money, it can ruin your finances when you lose it.
  7. Someone fire this thread up. Is there gonna be football this fall?
  8. I heard this news earlier today. I cannot believe any coach can afford to coach for free. They do not make enough for all the time they put in as it is. I expect lots of scrambling for any openings .
  9. If you do not have Trousdale in your top 5, then you grew up under a rock.
  10. Where is he from and why is he looking for a job right after winning state?
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