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  1. Open that transfer portal wide! I already heard about 1 from gordy whose mama did not like the spitting and stomping at SP.
  2. These two coaches proved they can get the job done . It should be theirs if they are interested in staying.
  3. Of course you never know who might be hitting that transfer portal. I am hearing about a gordy starter who is not too happy.
  4. I am very proud of the Pirates on this big win. They were dealt a dirty hand early in the season and they proved how they can rise to gold heights. Hey @Roy Dillard, it looks like TC and SP need to get that transfer portal open fast..
  5. That program used to have class back in the day.
  6. @Roy Dillard- they were going to turn flips in our endzone had they beaten us at the Creekbank. No class.
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