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South Pittsburg 2022


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35 minutes ago, The Drunken Sailor said:

Yep. Gotta get a coach first. I wonder if there is anyone interested. 



Would be a TON of interest but I'd keep the one's I have, these people ARE SP and looks like they did pretty well. Extremely happy for all involved.

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3 hours ago, OLD PIRATE said:

Old Pirate says this Pirate team brought back memories of our 63 Civitan Bowl team. Both Pirate teams were heavy underdogs but brought the fight to defeat the favored opponents. Congratulations to ALL. Hopefully the 22 Pirate squad will have better commitment than our 64 team the following year. 

Yea, but they still beat Jasper!

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This will be an interesting off season once again for Sp. I fully believe if Stone /Grider combo want the job it will be very hard to say no( unless there are some unknown reasons). This season is one of very few that you can say Sp won the gold that coaching greatly attributed too.  That was a phenomenal job by the entire coaching staff and the players executing their game plan.  Either way I hope they make the decision sooner rather than later. The 22 season starts now. The strength and conditioning program in the off season is just as important as the x's and o's.  

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    • Big game tonight as C-range visits Troy Faust Memorial...
    • Good post. The situations at both Heritage and WB have far less to do with the coaches than they have to do with the culture of the parents, schools & school district. Years of horrible facilities and lack of support are difficult to overcome. Add to that the option for parents to send kids to nearby school where the "grass is greener." Every year the effects of these compound on themselves and dig the hole the programs are in even deeper. The programs have been in a downward spiral where the culture makes it hard to be successful. The lack of success then just reinforces the negative culture which then makes it even harder to succeed.  The new fieldhouses are a step in the right direction but so much more is needed. Reeves is a high energy, hardworking guy who loves kids and will work his tail off to try to make WB successful. Hopefully the hole isn't too deep already.  The hole is even deeper at Heritage so it's going to take someone really exceptional to turn it around. Don't know where you're going to find someone willing to take it on.  Hammontree is a quality person who had a huge, positive impact on a lot of kids at Heritage. With the types of kids and the backgrounds they come from at Heritage, helping kids win at life was far more important than winning ball games. 
    • Big game tonight as C-range visits Troy Faust Memorial...
    • Would love to see him and Kodiak compete!
    • Hate to hear that. Houston County played y’all pretty tough a game or two ago. Did she play that one??
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