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Guest catfish-hunter

Best Teams in TN High School Football History

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Once I saw this thread I just couldn't resist to put my two cents in. Of course I think the best high school football team in TN history is the '72 Tennessee High Vikings. Some of the older residents though, say it was the '71 Vikings that put them on the map.


When they were all sophomores in '70 they were defeated by Murfreesboro 28-14, who went on to defeat Melrose 36-0 for the state championship. But in '71 the Vikings came back with a vegeance wiping out every foe put in their way with a few impressive victories in the playoffs defeating undefeated Red Bank 49-0 and then defeating undefeated Covington 52-0.


In '72 they continued their path of destruction by once again going to the state championship and easily defeating Baylor 39-6. All of this was done in 3A which was the largest class then. They were also ranked National Champs along with one other school that you may have heard of in the movie Friday Night Lights. After these impressive athletes were gone Baylor won the '73 state championship 6-0 and were declared National Champs.


Here are a few of the '72 Vikings


1. David Bibee QB- All State in '71 and '72..went to UT on a scholarship

2. George Heath HB-All American '72 All State '71 and '72..went to Virginia Tech

3. Greg Jones TE-'72 All State

4. Gil Kyle TB-'72 All State, Honorable Mention All American

5. Larry Silcox SE-'72 All State, All Southern '72, UT


And Coach John Cropp (yeah he was from Maryville)


But I should mention all of players and staff because the ones above couldn't have done it without them as well.


Here's a few comments:


(from Ted Riggs-News Sentinel )


"Tennessee High," says Central Coach Frank (Boomer) Boring, "is the finest high school football team I've ever seen.


"I still can't believe they have so many quality players, but, believe me, they do. We've gone against some mighty fine athletes since I came to Central-- Steve Spurrier, Albert Davis, Emmon Love and others- and I can tell you that playing Bristol is like facing all of them on one team."


(from Walt Howell)

Baylor watched films of Tenessee High of Bristol Monday, and Tuesday the Raiders went about the unenviable task of finding a "soft spot" at which to bring this giant to its knees.


Bristol, you see is the meanest, orneriest bunch of football players this state has seen in years. Some oldtimers think perhaps it is the best team ever assembled in Tennessee.


Hope you enjoyed that.

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Marion County (92) Beat Brentwood Academy in the state finals when no one gave them a chance. Also the Warriors (95) Led by Eric Westmoreland defeated the likes of 5A teams Soddy-Daisy, Rhea Co. also a 4A team in Shelbyville and add DII Private Baylor also on their way to the state title. That group of players formed a mini dynasty as Marion Co. went 56-1 with 3 state titles during those seniors 4 years.

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(catfish-hunter @ Apr 13 2005 - 12:48 PM)

I know that there have been threads started on this in the past, but it is always fun after another season has gone by the wayside to see who you all think the best teams in the history of the state are/were. Here are a couple that come to mind right away:


1.) MBA (2000)- the Big Red were awesome that year led by Ingle Martin at quarterback. I don't know if there was a team in the state that really challenged their defense throughout the course of that entire season.


2.) Riverdale (2001)- the Warriors had it all with a solid passing attack that featured quarterback Stephon Britton and receiver Taron Henry. The tandom of Marcus and Ralph King in the backfield paved the way for a team that rolled to a class 5A state title.


3.) Pearl-Cohn (1997)- this was probably the most talented team to step on a high school football field in the history of this state. The Firebirds that year were led by the ground attack of Santonio Beard. A defense achored by John Henderson led a team that was unscored on until the Clinic Bowl, in which they still rolled over Maryville.


4.) Huntingdon (2003)- the Mustangs played two close games all year long, which they split with Milan, but they one the game that counted on Thanksgiving weekend. That team had a rushing attack led by freshman sensation Chris Donald and Terrence Bell, who rushed for 300+ yds. and 6TD's in a 48-14 rout of then defending champion David Lipscomb in the state championship.


5.) Portland (2000)- the 3A champs that year rolled after a close loss in the state championhip game the year before. Led by a wing-T attack that featured quarterback Richard DePriest the Panthers were not stopped that year and an absolute killing that took place against Covington in the state title game that year showed who was the class of 3A.



The 1997 Father Ryan Team beat Pearl Cohn, and finished the season State Champs and undefeated. I think they also held Troy Fleming to negative yardage.

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I just realized that Father Ryan didn't play Pearl Cohn in 1997.  It was actually 1996 that I was thinking of.  Sorry.  But I'm still pretty sure they held Troy Fleming to negative yards though.



As you said, Ryan didn't play Pearl-Cohn in 1997, but Pearl-Cohn's lone loss that year did come against MBA (23-22), and Ryan beat MBA twice that year (21-20 and 10-7).

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I know that folks will disagree with me but I like the 2004 Riverdale team for the following reasons.


1. 666 total points scored by them this season. I 'think' it is the most scored by ANY team in Tn.


2. Almost 5 MILES of rushing yardage this year.


3. 8 of their 15 games were won by shutting out their opponents. Could have VERY easily been 10 of 15 games won by shutout!


They may not be the best in alot of folks reasoning, BUT they will be near the top of ANYBODIES list for a long time!

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Guest catfish-hunter
As you said, Ryan didn't play Pearl-Cohn in 1997, but Pearl-Cohn's lone loss that year did come against MBA (23-22), and Ryan beat MBA twice that year (21-20 and 10-7).



I can sit here and say that Pearl had no business losing that game to MBA in '97. They had a major collapse in the 4th and the Big Red, who was also a great team that year, took full advantage.


I did not see the '94 Riverdale team with the kid who played tailback at Vandy (I think his name was Duke or Dukes). I did however see the 2001 team lay a whoopin' on Hendersonville in the state title game.

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