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Guest catfish-hunter

Best Teams in TN High School Football History

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I can sit here and say that Pearl had no business losing that game to MBA in '97.  They had a major collapse in the 4th and the Big Red, who was also a great team that year, took full advantage. 


I did not see the '94 Riverdale team with the kid who played tailback at Vandy (I think his name was Duke or Dukes).  I did however see the 2001 team lay a whoopin' on Hendersonville in the state title game.


Alvin Duke is his name

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1970 State Champion Maryville Red Rebels. They were ranked #1 in the nation going into the season and didn't dissapoint.


Ted Wilson 12-0

TSSAA State Champions

Rhea County 48-12 W

Sevier County 27-6 W

Alcoa 33-12 W

Marshall Co 42-0 W

Everett 20-0 W

LaFollette 54-6 W

Loudon 35-28 W

Powell 14-7 W

Greeneville 54-21 W

Rockwood 13-7 W

Lafayette 44-8 W

Cleveland 42-14 W

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The Oak Ridge 1991 state championship team with likes of Eric Underwood at qb, Shawn Summers at tb, Antione Thirft and Curtis Booker at wr, and a strong aggressive defense lead by Ron Black.


Also the 96 team was very good with the likes of Jason Mccaddly, Mike gibson, Brad Redmond, and All American tb Shaun Bohanon




His name is Mike Underwood not Erick....You must be thinking RB/LB Eric Thomas who played at GT.

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First off, I'm surprised that a Brentwood Academy fan has not made the point that the 2000 MBA team barely hung on in the Clinic Bowl, winning 8-7. Auburn punter Kody Bliss missed a long FG by inches that would have won it. Not to take anything at all away from the Big Red, just had to clarify that they were indeed challenged.


I'll give my top two (or three, however you want to look at it)...


1) Brentwood Academy 1995 and 1996... 30-0... enough said


2) Riverdale 2004... wow... enough said

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I just realized that Father Ryan didn't play Pearl Cohn in 1997.  It was actually 1996 that I was thinking of.  Sorry.  But I'm still pretty sure they held Troy Fleming to negative yards though.


red boiling springs had a tough team the 78-79 school year.but since then they have went down hill and only won a few games-and most of them were off of teams not being able 2 play.

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i am up in the air on which riverdale team was better 94 or 2004 this years tema was never really challenged late in a game there was a couple of games in 94 that was chalellenging the 2001 team was good and blackman did have a chance to win that game with our 5 turnovers however i think the 2004 team was the best all around team

now in 1A what about some of those trousdale county teams in the 90s and lets not forget about maryville also



I'm gonna say its a toss up between the 94' and 04' warrior squads...now its true the 94' team had the closer games but i think the overall competition in 94' was higer than that which was seen in this past season of 5A football.

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The 1975 Oak Ridge state championship team was much more talent rich than the 1991 team. Yes the 1991 team had some big names, but remember players from the 75 team such as Dewayne Horton, Dean Nichols, Craig Freeman,Brian Robuck

Gerald Waddle just to mention a few. The 1975 team was 3 deep at every position: and I mean 3 players at every position that could start for almost any team in the state. I don't know if the 1975 team ranks among the greatest in state history but they were one of the best in the history of Oak Ridge football history; better than the '91 team.

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