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Best Player in State?


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I have to go with Bo Seal or Tyler Davis. The rankings just don't lie. You will find them both ranked very high in the state and nationally, which is something you definitely can't say for most of the other guys being mentioned.


age doesn't lie either. eventually their size will become a problem. you go up a set on bo and he'll start to break. im not saying they aren't two of the best, but its probably a senior who owns everybody...not an underclassman

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Oh, and Kyle Wishing is my daddy.



kyle wishing is my babies daddy.


[im a girl so don't fret.]



So that would make you my....




I didnt know tennis players could have babies. well I knew they could have babies I just thought the only option was artificial simulation. :lol::lol:B)


Artifical simulation? Or insemination?


Either way, Kyle Wishing is good.

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There are a lot of really good players in TN: Wishing, Henry, Davis, Wilkinson, Maltsberger, Ramsay...


But I mean, honestly - Bo is like in a class of his own. He's a level above the other top kids and his game is only going to improve the more he grows. Yes, his size will eventually become a strike against him but I think he can get by in the 18's (and vs. seniors during schoolplay) being kinda small. It won't be until college-level (maybe pro if he tries that route) that it'll really be exposed. I would say a good 50% of your school players aren't even that deep into tennis to know how bring out those types of flaws in an opponents game. A good bunch of them don't even meddle with serious/tournament tennis or national level events enough to gamble with Bo's game.


As much as we'd all like to pretend we're as good as he is, it's time to stop fronting guys. He's awesome.

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