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Rankings Week 0

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QUOTE(GK2008 @ Feb 25 2007 - 11:38 AM) 826388392[/snapback]who scored for franklin?


haha nate...don't even ask.


the game was pretty crappy overall. franklin has only actually practiced together for 3 days and centennial had already had 2 scrimmages, so it was a good win.


a lot of room for improvement though

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QUOTE(mjuhb @ Feb 15 2007 - 01:20 AM) 826372552[/snapback]AAA

1 Hendersonville

2 Farragut

3 Houston

4 Bearden

5 Brentwood

6 Ooltewah

7 Ridgeway

8 Science Hill

9 Shelbyville

10 Riverdale

11 Ravenwood

12 Morristown West

13 Independence

14 Oak Ridge

15 Franklin

16 McMinn Co

17 Collierville

18 Clarksville

19 Lavergne

20 Blackman

21 Antioch

22 Maryville

23 Tullahoma

24 Dobyns-Bennett

25 Knox West

26 Gallatin

27 Cookville

28 Greeneville

29 White Station

30 Centennial

31 Soddy-Daisy

32 Germantown

33 Cleveland

34 Red Bank

35 Sullivan South

36 Siegel

37 Millington

38 Warren Co

39 Lenior City

40 Smyrna




2 Knox Catholic



5 Columbia Academy




9 Jackson Northside

10 Alcoa

11 Notre Dame

12 Pigeon Forge

13 Haywood Co

14 Sheffield

15 Station Camp

16 Livington A

17 Elizabethton

18 FCS

19 Fairview

20 Martin Westview

21 Madison Academic

22 Portland

23 Dyersburg

24 White House

25 Hume-Fogg

26 Gatlinburg Pittman

27 Liberty Tech

28 Montgemry Central

29 Knoxville Carter

30 MLK

31 University School Johnson City

32 Boyd-Buchanan

33 Ezell-Harding

34 Kingston

35 JCS

36 Livington

37 Giles Co

38 Forest

39 Dekalb Co

40 Page






4 Baylor

5 Father Ryan

6 Mccallie


8 Braircrest

9 St Benedict

10 JP2

11 ECS

12 Knox Webb

13 Brentwood Academy

14 St George's

15 USN



2/19 Blackman at Overton

2/20 Rossview at Cheatham Co

Cumberland Co at Cookville

2/22 Tullahoma at Blackman

Riverdale at Columbia

David Lipscomb at Fairview

Rossview at Hunters Lane

Cookville at Knox Catholic

Centennial at SpringHill

2/23 Mccallie at BGA

Hume-Fogg at Brentwood A

Rossview at Hendersonville

2/24 Clarksville at Blackman

2/26 Cheatham Co at CPA

2/27 Cleveland at Baylor

Columia at Columbia Academy

South-Side at NorthSide

Notre-Dame at Soddy-Daisy

Hume-Fogg at USN

3/1 Lavergne at Blackman

Cookville at Brentwood

Centennial at Columbia

Mccallie at Farragut

Greenville at Science Hill

3/2 Overton and Riverdale at Tullahoma

Brentwood at Fairview

White House at Rossview

Livington at Siegel

3/3 Jackson Playday

Coffee Co Playday

3/5 Soddy-Daisy at CSAS

FRA at Columbia

Independence at Fairview

Antioch at Hume-Fogg

3/6 Clarksville at Father Ryan

MBA at Gallatin

Science Hill at Knox Catholic

Mccallie at Mcminn Co

Brentwood at Rossview

3/7 BA at Independence

3/8 Cookville at Tullahoma

Mccallie at Cleveland

Franklin at Columbia

3/9 JP2 and Centennial at Tullahoma






Varsity for Columbia only played first half, scored the first goal, Columbia has a pretty solid team-watch out

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QUOTE(OnThePitch @ Feb 22 2007 - 10:25 PM) 826385228[/snapback]Ok, Let's look at your arguments, # 1 Farragut returns 9 Starters plus replaces a Keeper with one that has D-1 Offers so in essence 10. The 2 Forwards already signed D-1 Scholarships. Farragut Beat Bearden 2 out of 3 times last year and Bearden lost 5 starters that were 5 of their best 7 and has NOONE to replace the talent center Mid Fielder Hinkle brought to the field. NOONE Rated last year in the state returned as many starters as Farragut and Noone has 2 D-1 one signees on the same team in the state and Farragut has 3. Two of them are Forwards, I stand with Farragut being the best offensive team in the state. My # 1 and 2 are Farragut and Houston, Hendersonville will fall behind a very smart Bearden team and Brentwood, a team overlooked this year and they shouldn't be.


Thanks for the reply "on the pitch"....here's one for you.

What does signing with a division 1 school have to do with the season coming up? That is the future, and the future for those kids is that they go to that school and never set foot on the field. If you want a better look....look at the past history- something you KNOW happened. I will start with my original question- What makes them the best offensive team in the state? Here are the fact from last year:

I will compare them to Bearden.

Farragut record ..17-6-6 goals scored -69 opp. goals- 44

Bearden record...18-5-3 goals scored-64 opp. goals- 21

Not counting head to head games (Farragut 2-1 ....goals 5 each) they each played 8 other teams ranked in the top 12 in the state.

Farragut record 2-4-2 goals 8 opp. 12. Bearden record 4-3-1 goals 11 opp. 11

Not the offensive powerhouse you imagined????


Me either.

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QUOTE(expo @ Feb 26 2007 - 11:32 PM) 826391200[/snapback]livingston academy plays warren county tomorrow night. should be a good. Why is livingston ranked 16 and then again in 35 in AA-A


thats probably because i screwed up AGAIN

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Good game once everyone settled down. Both teams look to be extremely technical and will be a tough game for anyone. Good luck to both this season. G, you have got to get some heaters underneath the bleachers, that concrete stinks the heat out of a person. /rolleyes.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":rolleyes:" border="0" alt="rolleyes.gif" /> Good luck on thursday, I'll see you then. If you are bored on Friday we have kingston at home at 7.

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