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South Pittsburg vs McKenzie (stone man and little grider man against this comer man)

Roy Dillard

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13 minutes ago, PurplePower68 said:

Congratulations to the Pirates. (Pains me to say that lol)

Those young men fought through a lot of adversity during the season and deserve all they've accomplished. You could see a difference in the kids this year than last years game. They wanted it more. A lot of hard work accomplished that and my hats off to you and the staff and community for their support too.


Thanks PP. Very much appreciated!

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8 minutes ago, 1Longshot said:

No doubt they are great players, but the running back for South Pittsburg was definitely the better running back in this game!!!!

You’re 100% correct brother. #2 is a stud! You could tell once their nerves settled they were wayyyyyy hungrier than McK. That DLine especially was even pumping me up lol

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10 hours ago, Wediditagain said:

This was not the McKenzie team that played Fayette and Peabody.  I believe the game was too big for Coach Comer and the players.  Look how easy they scored in that last drive.  Pitt was better prepared and looked more ready than the Rebels.  Thats just my opinioon.  S. Pitt won and that is what really matters.  

SP could argue that Fayetteville shouldn't have won last year so your point is moot regarding the shoulda coulda woulda because didn't is what goes down in the score book.

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