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Who’s The Best 1A Team Ever?


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18 hours ago, tradertwo said:

Your post seems hard to argue with, but I'll still respectfully have to give Perry County the edge. 9 players to play at the next level is impressive, but Ollison, Martin, and Echols were the meat of the team in '15, and I'm assuming that some of the others must have been undeveloped underclassmen in that year. Starting 5 head to head with PC would have been a tough matchup for Mitchell, but you definitely have a good point to argue.

I will give you a little more on ‘97 Perry County, these players were great, not all played college basketball because they played other sports in college. They Averaged 30 pt wins in the state tourney. Averaged 86 ppg in the state tournament. In every game they lead by over 40 before subbing in the 4th. Beat Union City the AA state champ during the season and numerous AAA schools. They played no one out of their district in class A. They were a matchup nightmare for anyone: 

Haston 6’10 All-America at Indiana for Bobby knight. 1st Round NBA draft pick Charlotte Hornets

Hamm 6’8 tremendous skill great scorer recruited at high level

Jones 6’6 without question the best all around player. Could shoot, handle, rebound and defend any player/position on the floor. If not mistaken played overseas

Warren 6’5 big and strong could score and pass

Rhodes 6’4 Deep three range an outstanding shooter

Brown 6’1 Fastest and one of the quickest kids I have ever seen. Handled outstanding and could score from anywhere. 

These were not the only guys, I’m sure there are several missing but for their size they were fast, quick  and played very fast. Plus they were an outstanding defensive team as well. I saw the 08 Union City team and the  ‘15 Mitchell team. I would say if they both played ‘97 Perry County 10 times I would bet PC every time by 10-15 pts. 

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On 4/21/2023 at 3:50 PM, GrumpyBulldog said:

1979-80 Middleton with Bobby Parks, James Burkley, Wayne Haddix (NFL All-Pro) and Zem Prewitt have to be in the discussion.

They were awesome as well. I've always felt that Parks would have been a solid NBA player without the injury. An interesting side note...I saw Parks leap over a defender Vince Carter fashion in 1980. The "defender" was one of my classmates, and caught heck for it until a tragic automobile accident took him too soon...RIP Mike D.

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8 minutes ago, REBELRON said:

I am showing my age in this thread. Those Bolton teams in the late 70 and the 80s were really good. I remember them beating a good Alcoa team in 1979 by 40.  Some of those Alcoa guys told me they never seen anything like Bolton.

Sylvester Gray?

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17 minutes ago, REBELRON said:

Sylvester Gray was on those mid 80s teams. Former UT player Lang Wiseman was on the 89 team. The late 70's team had a guy that played at Ole Miss. Can't remember his name.

I remember the teams, but Gray's the only name I can recall... they could ball!

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I wouldn't discount the 76-77 Perry County teams.   Didn't see the Haston teams play but Mike Rhodes was unstoppable  in the state tournament both of those years.   Overall, they may have not stacked up against the other teams, but someone would have to cover Mike Rhodes.

Bolton had some very good teams in the late 70s and early 80s as well. 

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On 3/23/2023 at 4:55 AM, Chiefbigfoot said:

Best ER team ever would probably be the 88’ team went 37-1. Smallest player was Mr Basketball in Fitz Jones at 6’1” , and had the 1989 Mr Basketball in 6’8” Carlus Groves. Marcus Bell was 6’5” and could get some boards. Jimbo Vaughn and Neil Murphy were both around 6’3” and could shoot the cover off the ball. Don’t know if they were better than the 98’ PC team but I would say they are in the top 3-5 range for best 1A team of all time.

Agree!  I was at White House High School at that time. I can remember Carlus would hang around half court and let the other four play defense.  Didn't they have a dude named Tyrone Dotson that played for them? I may be thinking of someone else. 


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