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South Pittsburg 2024 Edition 101


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3 hours ago, OLD PIRATE said:

Old Pirate bought a new black hoodie that was spiced up with state championship graphics. OP accompanying the Skillet Slinger doing Christmas shopping got stopped multiple times due to the hoodie graphics. One particular encounter was by 2 youngons inquiring about the 24 Pirates expectations. OP’s response was quick & short, The Pirates are expected to be serious contenders fer the next several years. Both youngons relayed their desire to play fer the Pirates. Ain’t No Surprise to the Old Pirate!

Where'd you buy this hoodie OP?

Inquiring minds wanna know.

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57 minutes ago, Southtowner said:

I had all 3.

Latin with Ms. Smith. 

I gave Ms. Metz the same piece of international news for 6 solid years. 

Great mentors, Great ladies. 


I had Latin and JR English with Ms. Smith.  I remember the room was packed for Latin 1 the first day of my Freshman year.  She gave a speech about assignments and grading for the class and it was down to 12 of us the next day.  Ms. Taylor was interesting.  She never raised her voice, but  she didn't put up with nonsense.  She would start class when people shut up and would go the full time.  That could be brutal last class of the day!  She kept a ball bat standing in the corner on top of her file cabinet.

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5 hours ago, rlh said:

Ms. Metz gave me $1 for a haircut once before  Biscuit saw me.

Ms. Metz gave me a well deserved thump on the head once.

I use to love her stories…especially about her escaping China hidden in a mailbag during the revolt!

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Congratulations my cyber friend South Town on another Championship. Not gonna gloat but i sorta told you so about Mo Co. And that was with a healthy White (kudos for Mr Fball btw). So I’ll give you a Mulligan on that pick. It was before White went down. So you can’t predict injuries. Thanks for all you do on this Site to keep us good ole country Boys up to speed on what’s happening in the world of HS Football. IF we ever cross paths I’ll buy you a beer Partner. Keep up the great work and i Hope your Family and Friends have a healthy and happy Xmas Season. 

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On 12/9/2023 at 12:02 PM, rlh said:

I had to give a 3 post wonder a hard time for Ms. Metz, Ms. Smith and Ms. Taylor!

I'll always remember these fine ladies. Wish my children could have experienced these teachers in there lives. All had a huge impact on my life. I remember the first time I had MS Metz and she was serious about reading the Bible before class and a few of our class clowns got sent to the office for laughing and that was the last time they ever laughed when she was sub for our class.  So glad to have many great teachers at SP.. 

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