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26’ Brody Smith transferring to Maryville

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8 hours ago, GovMan said:

Couple of thoughts:

1.  I just don't understand all the intricacies in TSSAA transfer rules anymore.    William Blount had a kid that played the final part of the basketball season with them this year,  that played at Hardin Valley last year, and played football for Bearden this year.  I say that to say, I know the coaches and the AD and the Principal at WB and I will never believe they would do something they knew was wrong.  They are men of character.  I BELIEVE the same thing about the coaches and administration at Maryville.  Call me gullible, but these are men and women of integrity in my experiences with them.

2.  Much like the transfer of the Clemmer kid a couple of years ago, with Smith, the football team is getting a huge boost, but the impact on the basketball team will be just as great or maybe even greater.  With Smith playing post, it frees the Sigmund kid who will be coming back from injury, to play more with his face to the basket.  The Rebels basketball squad in my mind, will be "the program" in East Tennessee next year.

I was just talking to a guy the other night about the basketball impact. :wink:

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