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Station Camp at Gallatin


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2 hours ago, middletn said:

Should he a really good game this year for the Mayor’s Cup. Gallatin coming it at 1-2 (1 Covid Loss) and Station Camp comes in at 3-0. Who ya got?

There is no Covid loss, it goes down as a no contest.  Gallatin is 1-1.  Refer to the TSSAA rule book.  

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2 hours ago, mondo44 said:

Since both are off on Oct 8 aren’t they playing? Back to Gallatin-SC, Gallatin wins 31-10. SC is a lot better but not on Gallatin’s level. 

Blackman has not agreed to reschedule as of yet.  I think they are possibly waiting to see if they have to use that date to fill any region game that might have to be rescheduled.  

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5 hours ago, eers said:

I think this one is going to be a lot closer than what the Gallatin fans want to hear. I believe SC will be more physical and more disciplined. Gallatin will be more athletic. 

More physical than the past but not more physical than Gallatin.  White Co was closer than you thought it would be?  

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