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Maryville 2022


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On 12/31/2021 at 9:58 AM, Bulldog89 said:

I believe Jeff Smith that played at Milan and went on to UT. I think he was in Maryville for awhile. Is he still living in the area?

Jeff's 3 boys and one girl all went to MHS.  "Little" Justin went to VMI and is still in the DC area. That is the only one I'm sure about. You can find them on Facebook.  Big Jeff was refereeing HS football for a while. I think he is still in the area.

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18 minutes ago, BarneySox2007 said:

Checked the transfer portal this morning and noticed a starting lineman from another school has moved here. Must of not wanted to learn the fine arts of holding and came to Maryville instead. Can't hide that stuff when your playing on Thursday Night TV and they show the replays.

I was thinking Stars had probably been busy with his services!

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53 minutes ago, Red Rebels said:

I saw where he tweeted his schedule or something like that.

Never forget the time one of the Maryville kids transferred to William Blount maybe 10 years ago and he was a top 100 player in the State of Tennessee in "Tennessee Football Times Magazine" for Maryville High and was walking the halls of William Blount when that hit the shelf.

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