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Almost like you shouldn't jump all over a guy before he coaches a game.

So much of what is popular on the offensive side of the ball today has roots in either the Wishbone or the Wing-T. People love to paint it as antiquated but it's a nightmare to gameplan for in just a week, even more so if you only see it once or twice a year

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5 hours ago, MidStateFan1 said:

Thread has been quiet. How are things going? Has Blaze bought in to Coach K?

They look good, they scrimmaged a good beech team who returns a very good qb and two really good wideouts. They ran the ball pretty good and looked night and day on defense compared to last season. Lot of young players will be used this season with a bend but don’t break type mentality on both sides of the ball. Still needs some tweaks all around but they’ll surprise some folks

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    • That’s because without looking you could not 5 teams in the Top 50 not named Wyoming Seminary or Blair Academy. Our results at the national level would say otherwise. 
    • Upperman needs to stop fouling. Half of White County’s points coming from foul line. Holding WC to 16 in a half not too shabby. Have to do it for 4 quarters though. 
    • Wasn't things so much better for you all when they went 0-10 or when your 1,500 yard rusher (Wright) left to go play at Alcoa or when Jett left to play at Maryville because they got tired of the azz beatings and the humiliation they felt from all of that losing. Could you imagine if Coach OZ brought a cattle prod and stuck it up to your son's tail end at practice or made the offensive linemen push a station wagon while the coach was in the drivers seat mashing down on the brakes. If you think Coach Oz is a bad man then I guess you never heard of A.J. Wilson who coached for Walland most of the 50's and early 60's. If I hadn't of heard those stories from such credible men such as the late Benny Dalton ,Don Story and a host of other great friends from Walland that played during that time I wouldn't have believed it. They all just laughed about it while telling it but none had anything bad to say about him. Just like your QB that started the last two years at Heritage, he only had the best to say about Coach Oz and how much he helped him when I talked to him a few weeks ago. Coach Oz is what the doctor ordered for Heritage, a little "Shock and Awe" and the resistance still out there pushing their narrative and praying for a loss every week.
    • Has there been an official announcement or has Coach Stevens had a team meeting yet. l have not seen the media announcements from 5 star, Russo at Ch8, the guy from the Tennessean, or others. Mark Packer put it on X. Does that make it official? 
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