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For the Gold Ball Mckenzie vs S. Pitt


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11 minutes ago, TheCountian said:

Still being on probation isn’t hardly knocking the dust off there pal.  Just saying….


Well they took care of that last year when they constructed the "student family guest housing" at an undisclosed location high above the town with beautiful views of the river. The address is only known to a few, but if someone were as concerned as you are, they might look at 35.024, - 85.707.

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    • Not a mystery. Most people know who I’m talking about. Just not going to name names of coaches. It’s pretty widespread knowledge in the South Knox community. 
    • Still unlikely to happen. No one is officially reporting it because it’s falling through. 
    • Every team That McConnell coaches plays horrible defense with the exception of one Waverly team. I don't think he spends much time practicing that side of the ball. The only coach i know of that loses when scoring 50 points pretty regular. He  was doing it at Westveiw  before he started it here
    • We are honoring the tradition of hiring the wrong  coaches . Like 1980 when we rejected not one but two on staff assistant coaches applications for our HC opening  The coaches Mike Mansfield and Rod Sturdivant both born and raised in Benton County but not good enough for us... I been meaning to congratulate them on all those gold and silver balls they won in Bruceton and Huntingdon but it keeps slipping my mind
    • Good game by Westview. Girls fought hard and y'all took it to us first half. Y'all were really pumped up. Big time atmosphere from both fan bases. Proud of about girls for grinding it out. Two great programs. Good luck to y'all going forward. Maybe one of us will win it. 
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