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For the Gold Ball Mckenzie vs S. Pitt


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10 minutes ago, TheOneRiddlerV2 said:

Heard it’s a high ankle sprain he should be good to go. At the Baylor mccallie game and this is the loudest and fullest I have ever saw Finley. A lot of boys from different schools here looking to be here next year especially them Valley View first down tigers.

Did he get the Tua Tightrope?

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5 hours ago, The Drunken Sailor said:

If you get MyTV out of Chattanooga, then you can watch it. That and NFHS will be the only options to view it. NFHS is the only way to view online due to contracts with TSSAA.

And radio will be available of course. But it's not the same as watching.


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Is that same dimwit gonna announce the game again?  The guy has some type of psychsomatic hatred for all west Tennessee teams.  If a flagrant pass interference is a no call and the east TN team was the offender it can be replayed in slow motion and he totally quite.  If the same thing happens the other way around he pretty much loses his fricken mind.  WTH.  Lets mute the volume if that idiot announces this game.

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