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Maplewood vs Knoxville Catholic State Championship

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Shozen    2

Seeing the light!

I have picked you guys every round... I was only jokinng when I said MC in an upset I did expect it to be closer. Never doubted Luke Smith. He is a player like Key. I like our chances a lot more with them than against them.

Edited by Shozen

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NeWbLuE    2

guess it was luck of the Irish on St patricks day.... Crazy crazy.


Nobody is talking about the half court heave at the buzzer to take Whites Creek out.


I have Maplewood in this one. It will take more than luck to win this one, and that shot was lucky.


Hoping for a Creek and Maplewood final.   ehhh oh well.


This will be a good one

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IrishBBall    10

Irish are battle tested and ready. Bo Hodges is an impressive player but I don't think one guy can beat a TEAM. They truly have a team first attitude and it all starts with Luke Smith. Four different guys have led them in scoring this season. At one point in the Macon County game we had 4 guys with 11 pts and another with 6. Should be a great game!

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QSouth89    13

I'm gonna say Bo is the difference maker and pick Maplewood by 3

Littke known fact, Catholic's seniors (TN Vision) have been playing against Bo Hodges (TN Legends) and a few more recognizable faces from the state tournament (Team Nashville, TN Fury & the Nashville Celtics) in AAU since they were in 5th grade. I know some peoples feelings about AAU but there are some actual teams out there who do it to prepare kids for competition and the next level and not for a college job, money or a $12 trophy. Guys like Mike Dobson, Geraud Hall, Jay Heyward, Jazz Kimber, Scott Oatsvall and Timbo Hodges were trying to get their kids ready for the next level and played against powerhouse teams from Charlotte, Memphis, Atlanta, Miami, Louisville etc. I'm excited for all of these young men and how they've developed over the years, especially the Irish. Coach Hutchens played these seniors as freshmen (starting 4 of them most or part of that year) and weathered a 9-20 season and it paid off for them. Battle tested indeed and they won't be intimated. Wonderful atmosphere yesterday and expecting nothing less today. Good luck to both teams this afternoon. Being an ETSU alumni, I hope Bo Hodges has a very successful career for the Bucs but an off night on Saturday (lol). Edited by QSouth89

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FBfan26    43

Happy to see a metro team in there. I'm mad that whites creek got put of by luck but hey it is what it is. Good luck Wood.

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