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  1. They don't have a QB, that's what's wrong with them.
  2. Game day... Looking for to seeing Kirby light up the scoreboard
  3. Meet Aliou Bah, the next 'big thing' at Whitehaven who already has a college offer from Tennessee Khari Thompson, Memphis Commercial AppealPublished 5:00 a.m. CT Oct. 18, 2019 The CUTZ Barbershop CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE When Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt came to Memphis three weeks ago to see the Whitehaven linebacker trio of Bryson Eason, Martavius French and Tamarion McDonald, another player caught his eye. Aliou Bah, a 6-foot-5, 330-pound sophomore, is Whitehaven's starting left tackle. Bah has long arms and broad shoulders. He's light on his feet for a person his size. After seeing him play, Pruitt offered him a scholarship. It was Bah's first offer. Four days later, Arkansas offered him a scholarship as well. Bah is a newcomer to football. He hadn't played the sport until a year ago as a freshman. He was unsure whether he wanted to continue playing. Buy Photo Aliou Bah, a sophomore offensive lineman at Whitehaven, already has an offer from Tennessee and Arkansas. (Photo: Ariel Cobbert, The Commercial Appeal ) "Last year, he had never played before, so it was like, ‘Just keep him around, keep him around,’ and he was like, ‘I don’t know if I like it,' " Whitehaven coach Rodney Saulsberry said. "But we finally got him honed in, and in the springtime, the light bulb went off and he gravitated to one of our kids, (starting left guard) Taylor Williams. "They’re really good friends, and the rest is history." Spotted in the hospital Whitehaven assistant coach Danny Elliott works at an area hospital and saw Bah walk in a couple of years ago. "He just happened to be at work one day in the hospital and this big ol' kid just shows up in the hospital," Saulsberry said. "... He was an eighth-grader, and he didn’t play football. He played basketball. (Elliott) was taking pictures of him, calling me." When Bah got to Whitehaven, he tried out for the football team. People always had told him he could be good at it because of his size. And he saw the attention and scholarship offers that the older football players were getting. "I liked seeing the rewards, and that if you work hard at it, you might be able to go to the next level and play and get an education and maybe even go pro," Bah said. Plus, he had an aggressive streak that he couldn't take full advantage of in basketball. "He was too aggressive for basketball," Whitehaven linebacker Evan McClary said. "He fouled out of every game. Flagrants, personal fouls, all that." Learning the game Bah's year on the freshman team was a learning experience. He hadn't figured out how to translate his size advantage into production. But offensive coordinator Clarence Dillard relished the opportunity to teach him and said that Bah has come a long way. "This is what you dream about as a coach, having a guy like this," Dillard said. "He’s such a sponge. He soaks up everything I teach him. You can’t give him everything at one time because there’s so much that goes into being an offensive lineman. "I’m just giving him a little bit each week, and he’s soaking it up and retaining the information. You can see the development on film each week." Buy Photo Sophomore Aliou Bah has been playing football only since his freshman year. (Photo: Ariel Cobbert, The Commercial Appeal ) Dillard said Bah is a good fit at left tackle because his size and length make it tough for defenders to get around him. And he can clear paths for running backs. "Right now, he’s a better run blocker because on the passing (technique), he’s still young. So I haven’t been able to teach him everything about pass protection," Dillard said. "We focus on running the ball so much at Whitehaven. "But he's not bad at pass protection because he’s so big. It's not his technique right now; it's just his God-given frame." Saulsberry said that Bah could be the next big recruit to come from Whitehaven as long as he stays focused. "He’s a large human being, and with this being his second year playing football and really first year touching the field, I get really excited about what he’s going to become," Saulsberry said. "He’ll be the next big thing. He just has to stick with it and stay focused the way he is."
  4. Great run by him... They cheated the Tigers out of that victory!
  5. A Class 1A state title contender is being forced to forfeit seven games after using an ineligible player, according to a letter to the school from the TSSAA obtained by the USA Today Network-Tennessee. Freedom Prep started the season 7-0 and had outscored its opponents 319-7. However, the TSSAA ruled Monday that the school used an ineligible player, forcing the program to forfeit all seven wins. The school then beat B.T. Washington on Monday night 34-12 to improve to 1-7. The player initially was ruled eligible by TSSAA, but the information provided by the school's administration was determined to be incorrect. "The student was entered in the TSSAA Portal by Freedom Preparatory Academy as a student that, is attending your school because of (1) a rezoning of an existing school district, OR (2) rezoning due to a new school, OR (3) a change in bus routes that affect where the student attends school. This affirmation would have made him eligible, by rule, but was not correct," the letter states. In a statement to The Commercial Appeal, the school said it plans to appeal and is "contesting the matter due to what we believe is a hardship case for one of our students." The Eagles are now 1-5 in Region 8-1A with two league games left and will miss the playoffs. At least four schools in the region are guaranteed to win at least four games in league play. The top four teams from each region make the playoffs. East and Middle College are 5-0 in region play. B.T. Washington is currently 4-3. MASE is 4-1. The school also is being fined $100 for each game the ineligible student played in, totaling $700. It also has been asked to write a letter notifying the schools that the ineligible player competed against what happened. According to TSSAA bylaws, the ineligible player will remain ineligible for twice the number of games he participated in while ineligible or the remainder of the season, whichever is shorter. With just two games left, the latter is more likely.
  6. Ya'll will NEVER make it to Cookeville as long as ya'll have to go through Whitehaven
  7. Greeneville wouldn't score on Whitehaven
  8. Kirby and Southwind is somewhat of a rivalry game and Slocum seems to coach well against Flowers... The advantages that Southwind has Munford doesn't, I assume. Kirby will likely roll.
  9. Kirby will blow these folks out
  10. What are Pare's measurables? Does he have a HUDL highlight package?
  11. 1) Fairley 2) MAHS 3) East 4) Manassas 5) Lausanne 6) USJ 7) Southwind 8) FACS 9) Tipton Rosemark 10) ECS 11) Millington 12) MUS 13) Briarcrest 14) Kirby 15) CBHS 16) South Gibson
  12. Yeah Mayne!!! Which one did I get wrong K-Dub? Was it different from yours? I think I am supposed to be 10-2?
  13. The offense score all of TEN points then, correct?
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