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South Pittsburg vs McKenzie (stone man and little grider man against this comer man)

Roy Dillard

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Basically McKenzie and South Pittsburg posters have shown a lot of class. Hopefully this will be an injury free game and players and fans show class during the game. IMHO there is no underdog in this game as both team have a Mr. Football nominee and a team full of talented players. Both teams have had an exceptional season or they would not be in the Championship game.


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    • Anyone from MJ want to make a bold prediction on the record and seed going in to the playoffs?   
    • I agree.  Wade's were great.  I don't see Summit winning a playoff game this year.  Ravenwood has a chance to go deep in the playoffs.  Shelby Co has some studs.  I wouldn't count out Sumner Co either.  I don't think the West side is as strong as the East so I think this is the year a surprise candidate could arise and make the Clinic Bowl.  
    • Wonder when the new TSSAA classifications will come out? There really was some wild placements this go-round. It helped Martin Westview get in 2A and win their first gold! Congrats to them. Wonder how they would have faired last year in 3A? Dresden has 1 silver in 2A & a gold in 1A. We’re either one of largest 1A’s or one of smallest 2A’s, hovering on that borderline. Thing is, it’s still only 11 on field at a time. And I have seen 15-16 member teams whoop huge numbered teams with 3x the players, saw it more than once. So anything is always possible for sure. Anyways.. I’d guess it’ll be after the season before they redo everything again. But whether 1A or 2A, Dresden will probably have a pretty large amount of players on sidelines for next few years. Which is always good, ain’t it?. I heard our coach say on a recent podcast that it’s amongst the biggest number of players he’s ever had in his 12 years of coaching. And said also that our middle school team is thriving with lots of participation & development. Which if there is a “secret” to top-tier HS teams, I’d say that’s it: the feeder programs (mid. school & JV) sending up to varsity some studs-in-the-making. Teams that are always in the playoff & championship mix don’t get there by accident, do they? This year will be good for all of us… the better the competition, the better you become. And this year there will be some great games on our side of the state, I feel it in my bones. .. Or is that my arthritis acting up? Ha. 
    • Bad decision IMO. This team needs the reps.
    • BA had the biggest line we have seen so far.  We got LA Friday.
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