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AP 1A TOP 10 09/13/22


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33 minutes ago, BIGPURPLEMACHINE said:

Is this the year the top part of the bracket hosts or the the bottom??  I know it alternates. I thought it was the bottoms turn. If so they would have throughout. 

Yes.  If it plays out, we would host Fayetteville in quarters ( we went there last year), but then would have to travel in Semi's.  We hosted Peabody last year. 

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So many "D1" kids overlook the smaller NCAA schools, and NAIA schools that can offer quicker time on the field, and can also get you to the league if you are good enough.  Some of these kids who pull the trigger, and go to the SEC and other big time schools without even thinking about smaller schools, get a quick reality check that everyone is a "D1" athlete.    

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2 hours ago, VOLnWTN said:

They would have to travel in the quarters (probably to Peabody) but would host Semi's if they win quarter finals.  (Provided everything plays out).  

No, Peabody will travel to Memphis (if everything pans out). MASE is Region 8, and Peabody is Region 7. 
I do see this being MASE’s year. 

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