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Alcoa vs Giles


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20 minutes ago, RidinSplinters said:

Not sure that anyone has talk smacked all year.

The Giles County thread has been quiet all season long. Everyone here knows how good Alcoa is. If anything, the Alcoa fans are the ones imagining the "smack talk."


  You need to Wake-Up!  Giles has Talent, an I really think they will make it past the first round.  Opinions are like bungholes, everyone has one.  I see another match-up between Giles & Alcoa, this year. And this year, they'll see how FANS, with some CLASS, carry themselves.  

  Alcoa had a change in Staff and playing at the BrickYard, will a difficult game for them.  When they match-up, I'll buy your Ticket for ya, and then we can Talk about the Talent, which Giles has.  Let alone, One Heck of a Coaching Staff.  Big Joe will have the Defensive Line ready, and they'll shut them DOWN.  Which I predict them doing,to most of the TEAM'S in REGION PLAY. GO BOBCATS!


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4 hours ago, CHARGERFAN said:

Massey picks Alcoa 35-19.

Massey don't watch the F5 blowing teams off the field and the 3's and freshman playing most of the 3rd and 4th qtr. against GP's STARTERS.  Last night Alcoa went in at half time 42 - 0 against a 12-1 GP team.  Final score - 56-21. In the Championship there will NOT be any need to hold back and save Players. If Giles Co. Scores 19 points, then Alcoa will be up big and call the dogs and score against younger players. 

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