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Derek Rang new Oak Ridge coach.


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13 hours ago, HTV said:

Listening to it right now.  

Derek has a plan.  Be patient and support him.  

If his tenure at Oak Ridge mirrors every other HC job he's had, patience will be a relative term...results seem to come quickly for him. If OR is his "destination job", they struck pure gold...if not he'll be gone to greener pastures in a few years, but the program will be in a better place for it anyway.

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On 1/28/2023 at 11:09 PM, Jet Pride said:

I like how he said he will be playing Dob Bennett as long as he head coach after this 2 year cycle is up

I like that too, I really hated that DB wasn't on the schedule for 23 and 24.  Its one of the best rivalry games in East Tennessee and has been pretty even, with win streaks for both teams.  If we get that going in 2025 again, OR should be back up to speed.

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