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  1. Won't you tell us how you really feel lol
  2. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    I watched him being interviewed after the game where he said he thought it was 3rd down and had the field goal unit standing behind him ready to kick it but they ran the play before he realized it was 4th down
  3. 2018 Class 1A

    WC has averaged around 60 for several years now and the schools enrollment is usually around 320
  4. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    I finally got the chance to actually watch the game last night, one of the best games I've watched in a long time! #30 for UC is an absolute beast, took a pounding all night and never let up, and talk about conditioning! If UC had kicked the field goal on the 25 play drive instead of going for it on 4th down this game would have been over at that point. Tyners size and speed was every coaches dream at this level, they just didn't get enough touches, UC dominated the time of possession and still went two overtimes. Great group of coaches on both teams and congrats to both teams on great years!
  5. 2018 Class A

    I think they started three or maybe four seniors
  6. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    Congrats UC from WC
  7. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    Just want to wish all my old trash talking buddies from UC good luck on bringing another gold ball home! WC is pulling for y'all! Haven't had time to keep up with the thread so just going to post my last post til after the game now
  8. I tried to keep up with this thread this week but pop-ups made me give up. Just want to wish both teams good luck tomorrow, I think it'll be a low scoring game and after thinking about it for a week I'm predicting GB 27 Cville 20, no offense to my friends in Cville as I'd love to see them get the win but after the QB injury my gut tells me GB will get the stops needed to pull it out
  9. Lake County @ Cornersville

    That's class! This kind of post need shared on all boards
  10. 2018 Class A

    WC will return 20+ seniors with about 8 starters on both sides of the ball, some played both sides and a few that will be four year starters. Junior class isn't as big but got a few starters in it along with a huge sophomore class that has a lot of talent. With the kids returning and coach Rice still in charge all they gotta do is stay healthy, which was impossible this year, and they will be right back in the mix
  11. Wayne County will occasionally get one or two from Clifton, which is very small and don't have a football team, but that's it and I can speak the same for Cville. These small town public schools don't have anything to offer to get a transfer. WC might have a family to move here every 6-8 years that might have a kid that plays sports but it's usually when they're young
  12. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    If you read these boards year in and year out it's the same with all the schools that are contenders every year, they all work hard year round. You can go by the weight room at WC any night of the week and find it filled with boys working their butts off on their own without anybody influencing them
  13. Humble indeed lol! I'm worried about Cville being able to move the ball without their starting QB, assuming he ain't playing, the clock may not be in their favor. Cville will be hard to score on but GB may get more chances than usual