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History of school nicknames

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Just chill.

Oak Ridge.. When the school was started in the 40's one of the coaches was from Kentucky thus "The Wildcats" the same coach liked Kingsport's colors likewise the cardinal and grey. Over the years the hues have changed a little bit but that's how it came about. Now we are more red than cardinal and Kingsport is more maroon.

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This is a pretty good database. If you find a mistake, just email the guy and he will fix it. It's good to send him a link for documentation. I sent him a couple of corrections. He had William Blount as Blount. He was real nice and responded in an email. 

Check your schools and help build the database. 



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On 6/17/2019 at 8:57 PM, sheppy said:

Don't know if this is still true but Cairo, Ga. was called the Syrupmakers.


They are!

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I know South Doyle had blessings from the local Native Americans to call themselves the Cherokees as did Sequoyah High the Chiefs.With both schools they did a big to do with ceremonies and at South Doyle a young girl came up with the Indian logo.

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Several years ago, Dr. Robert Rooks (a Brownsville dentist) wrote a book entitled, "100 Years of Haywood Tomcat Football."  


The book is a detailed history of Tomcat football dating back to 1912. It also tells numerous stories in relation to each Haywood County High/Haywood High football game between 1912 and 2011.  

In the book Dr. Rooks states that according to legend the name "Tomcats" began as the name "Thomas Cats" because so many Haywood players had the name Thomas.  The first mention of the name "Tomcats" was in a game summary in 1920.

On a side note,  Haywood County High School (Tomcats) and Carver High School (Wildcats) consolidated to form Haywood High School in 1969.  The new Haywood High kept the nickname "Tomcats," and the school colors remained the same since both Haywood County and Carver were purple and white.  I do stress that the school's name is Haywood High School, not Haywood County High School, despite numerous references to the contrary (even from uninformed school officials).

As far as I know, there are no other schools in Tennessee with the mascot "Tomcats."  However, I do know of some other schools in other states who have a "Tomcat" mascot.  Paul Blazer High School, Ashland KY, East Aurora High School, Aurora IL, Stone High School, Wiggins MS, Tom Bean High School, Tom Bean TX, Trimble High School, Glouster OH, and Thiel College, Greenville PA.  I'm sure there could be others.

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