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Semi Haywood vs Pearl-Cohn


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1 hour ago, stacmot said:

As far as I know, there are no other schools in Tennessee with the mascot "Tomcats."  However, I do know of some other schools in other states who have a "Tomcat" mascot.  Paul Blazer High School, Ashland KY, East Aurora High School, Aurora IL, Stone High School, Wiggins MS, Tom Bean High School, Tom Bean TX, Trimble High School, Glouster OH, and Thiel College, Greenville PA.  I'm sure there could be others, but at least we're unique in Tennessee.

@ManOfMillions What are we going to do without you in Region 7 next year?  I guess you'll come back for a post every now and then.  Hopefully, you and @Tigersandcats will get Region 6 fans more active.

I think MOM’s is the only Hornet on the T that posts anyways. There’s a couple from Hardin County but haven’t seen them post in a while. Wish they would they always seemed more knowledgeable than myself on the Tigers. Not living in Savannah It’s harder to keep up. I do think SGC is gonna make 6-4A a lot tougher region though. Their always a tuff out.

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