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Semi Haywood vs Pearl-Cohn


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    • Hampton and Alcoa, both won state titles before classifications, 1960/1967 respectively. I think Alcoa would be considered 1 A back then anyway
    • What type of injury did Stacey receive
    • OR just played West and I was surprised they were the 4th seed in the region. Darn good team, They have everything, pure shooting, long, tall, athletic. Nothing not to like. It's the best combo length and athleticism I've seen since the mid 90s, Columbia Central had a team like that in the state.
    • I like to call people out on BS too. In this case if you don’t have evidence that Upperman tanked what you are saying is BS. See I like to stir the pot as much as anyone but I believe you leave kids alone. If you have evidence like who said what, when, where etc. name it. If not you are questioning the character of a group of kids. Please stop. If you got beef with adults talk about them. But saying a particular team tanked is talking about the kids that make up said team. 
    • Even though OR won by 15, that was a fantastic HS BB game. West is darn good. I'm not sure how we won by 15 looking back.     We got way ahead in the first quarter, West just wasn't ready and then they went into the zone press the rest of the game and they got it down to 6. Then OR punched back and spread it back out.    It was like a good heavy weight boxing match, both teams landed haymakers, OR landed 1 more.    West is probably the 2cd best team that played OR, Fulton was the best.
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