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Did Spencer Lee quit?


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I would hate to think that Spencer quit bc he didnt win his semis match. He has accomplished WAY too much and fought through alot of adversity to give up and not wrestle it out for 3rd place. However, that same thought did cross my mind as well when I saw/heard he wasn't coming back on Saturday. To be fair, that is easy to do when you dont see an obvious injury, like what happened in the Munoz match. I hope that's not the case, but I guess time will tell. 

On a side note, I think the 2023 tournament was one of, if not the most historic tournament of all-time! You had Yianni become a 4-time champ (only 5th ever), Spencer upset in the semis trying to bc a 4 timer, RBY upset in the finals trying to bc a 3 timer, 2 wrestlers that won their 3rd and now have a chance to bc 4 timers in Starocci and Brooks (Starocci has 2 yrs left and can get to 5) and that's not including O'Toole who just won his 2nd as a true sophomore. I honestly believe that in 20-30 yrs we'll look back at this tournament and say it was one of the most historic tournaments of all-time!

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I thought about this angle and have settled on the notion that wrestlers on this level aren't quitters.  Assuming he is not actually injured, I would say that that I don't know what I would do if put in his same situation.  This was way more than just another regular season tournament; more than the Big Tens; more than Midlands, The Scuffle, or even every other NCAA tournament he has wrestled in.  This was a legacy defining tournament.  These kinds of outcomes can break a person, and if someone as hardcore as Spencer Lee can be broken by this then I have to assume 99% of us would be as well.  The only person who can probably relate to Spencer is Dan Gable.  Hopefully he has been there to offer encouragement.  Also I think Penn State had pretty much put any doubts to rest on who was going to win the team title by Saturday morning, so nothing Spencer could do on that day was going to make any difference.  Maybe if the team race was in the balance we would have seen him wrestle for third.  I would like to think so.  Bottom line is that he gets a pass from me on this one.  

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15 minutes ago, fooseball95 said:

All great assessments. But I can’t give him a pass based off who he is. To me because of who he is, come coming back to wrestle for 3rd would have in my opinion give him just as much respect if he had won it all. 

You're assuming he quit because he lost. In the end you, nor I, know what happened or why he mfft. Unless you've talked to Tom or Terry and have information we're not privy to. 

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20 minutes ago, Ummmno said:

You're assuming he quit because he lost. In the end you, nor I, know what happened or why he mfft. Unless you've talked to Tom or Terry and have information we're not privy to. 

Pretty much because if he wins he continues right? So I guess it was 4 time or nothing? Nobody really knows except his family and the Iowa staff. I’m just giving my take just like everyone else has. 

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