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South Pittsburg vs North Jackson (Border Battle III) Stone Cold vs that Hollis man


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On 9/15/2023 at 9:12 PM, Southtowner said:

I went ahead and created this website to talk about this Border Battle.

I guarantee when we beat them the first time Roy took their horse and rode off on it.

I guarantee they haven't won and ain't getting this horse back.

I guarantee we need to win this game.

What say you?

I say Go Pirates!!

Roy also stole that lady’s dog that lived across the road from Coalfield’s Football field. She called Vic and unloaded on him. Roy blamed PowerP. 

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48 minutes ago, pegleg said:

Roy also stole that lady’s dog that lived across the road from Coalfield’s Football field. She called Vic and unloaded on him. Roy blamed PowerP. 

Roy said Victory got the dog because it kept helping that Henry man out by getting him official timeouts be going out on the field.  RIP Keith and Jared Henry. 

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5 hours ago, sportman said:

Going to miss this game. Going to the Gulf this week for a few days of R&R and lots of seafood.  SP should win by lot's, but you never know about a border battle game and if we can keep our yappers closed enough to let our talking be done on the field. 

I believe SP is a few scores better than NJ. Is NJ better than they were last season? We beat them by 3 scores in 2021 and I didn’t think we were very good. 

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