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Round 4 Giles @ Alcoa


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38 minutes ago, 2001Bobcat said:

Out of the past 2 years they have played, this is Giles’ best team. Giles kept it close last year until the 3rd. It could be closer than people think. 

Close? :roflol:  
Alcoa was ahead 21-0 at halftime, and 31-0 after 3 quarters.  Alcoa unloaded the bench at that point and Giles scored on Alcoa's subs. Alcoa's subs also added a touchdown on Giles' starting defense.  
Total yards:  Alcoa-402   Giles-106

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4 minutes ago, 2001Bobcat said:

I’m not predicting a win by any means, just saying this team SHOULD give Giles a better chance.  They had so many injuries, they had to pull a WR to play QB last year.  It may be a complete blowout, who knows. Hopefully it will be a good game. 

I agree. Looking at Giles Schedule, this years team has played well. A one point loss to Page, a team still playing for a 5A State  Championship. Alcoa can not take Giles lightly.

At least on paper, the Bobcats look to be a better team over the 2 teams left coming out of the West.

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