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  1. Past hour
  2. Lake Co @ Memphis Hillcrest

    13-6 LC ran 3 plays...went for 2????
  3. #1 Ranked GreenEville Vs Anderson County

    35 to 31 Greeneville. 9:24 to play
  4. Tornadoes host the Tide R#3

    Uc14/7 pitiful
  5. Tornadoes host the Tide R#3

    Quick second half start. 14-7 Tornadoes.
  6. Fairview versus Pearl-Cohn 3rd Round

    Please tell me how I am wrong about the last 17 seconds. Officials make a clock error, give PC a 4th TO and then throw a bogus unsportsmanlike conduct in the Fairview coach for asking about why they got a 4th TO.

    Waverly doesn't usually get warmed up until the 3rd quarter, and their run game is their bread and butter.
  8. #1 Ranked GreenEville Vs Anderson County

    Good game between two really good teams. I've followed this thread and many others but finally registered. Most people in here have bantered back and forth with good natured smack talk. There are some, one in particular, who has talked down these kids. Belittled then at every opportunity. Has talked smack about his team as if his ego and sense of well being depends on the outcome of a bunch of high school kids playing a game. Is acting celebratory and giddy at the fact that a kid is possibly hurt in the opposing team. Is this what passes for fandom now?
  9. Austin East vs Alcoa THE REMATCH....

  10. Huntingdon at Cornersville

    Just when H-town gets moving...turnover on fumble. Mustangs D not giving C'ville QB yards on the ground anymore. Now H-town recovers fumble...game on!
  11. Smith County at Red Bank, Quarterfinals

    Final score: Red Bank - 27 Smith Co. - 8 Great season Owls! Keep your heads up. Twan would have been proud of you guys this season!
  12. CPA @ Notre Dame (2017 D2 AA Semifinals)

    Wynn takes it to the house. 35-20 Irish
  13. Austin East vs Alcoa THE REMATCH....

    Let the excuses begin......NOW!
  14. Catholic vs Oak Ridge: A Rivalry is Born

    Congratulations to the Irish and their fans. Y'all just had too much in the end and we made way too many mistakes to beat a team as good as Catholic. Our D held up very well, especially with the field position battle on Catholics side most of the night. Very proud of our kids. Tough one to swallow. We had our chances. Keep your heads up Cats.
  15. Tornadoes host the Tide R#3

    LET"S ROLL TIDE , KICK IT IN TSUNAMI MODE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. #1 Ravenswood at #1 Cane Ridge

    3-0 RHS half
  17. Nah it’s a wrap 42-7 final
  18. Fairview versus Pearl-Cohn 3rd Round

    smh here it comes I can smell it
  19. Huntingdon at Cornersville

    Let's go DAWGS!
  20. Quarterfinals Coalfield at Greenback

    Gilbert again runs over them.43-26
  21. Round 3 Raleigh -Egypt @ Covington

    28-7 Covington 7 minutes left in third quarter .
  22. Round 3: Maplewood @ Marshall County

    Sloppy game. Both teams can't hold on to the ball. MC leads 16-14 at the half.
  23. Huntingdon at Cornersville

    Cornersville D needs to hold the Mustangs here...momentum starting to swing.
  24. Fairview versus Pearl-Cohn 3rd Round

    PC gifted a TD by sideline official and now lead 20-10 at half.
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