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  2. JD Overton Out at Halls

    Journalism major? So, you are going to work in media, but you don't understand the importance of not naming confidential sources and keeping people's names out of discussions when there is no reason to bring them in to it. Guess you haven't had that class yet. Heaven help us all. You won't last long in that business. I'm hurling juvenile insults? Again, when you point a finger .................. And has been advised by me and several others, if you don't want to read my posts nobody is forcing you to do so. Still just shaking in my boots that you are going to "pick on me". And you had better study extra hard. Obviously you haven't learned anything yet.
  3. Graham Clark Resigns!

    Dang Hommer what rock did you crawl out from under? If you want to try and pick out one of my post on here that isn't true go ahead and give it a shot. You also might want to pass that great knowledge of yours about the defensive backs on to the DB coaching staff. It seems they've never considered pass defense to be very important. As for your "working on cars" statement that's just weird. I've never worked on cars. But maybe you do need a tune up.
  4. Whitehaven has another player to get an offer. All of the hard work is paying off for my man, Vincent Guy Jr, a 6'-0", 173 lb. QB/DB. The weight room, the 7 on 7, the visits to the different campus'. UT Martin has offered VJ. I believe this is his 1st offer. Congrats VJ. That's 10 Whitehaven guys to receive offers to date. Two (2) 2020 guys and eight (8) 2019 guys. I have to say that I don't remember having this many guys with offers at this stage of the up and coming football season. This list can, and probably will, grow some more. Stay tuned.
  5. JD Overton Out at Halls

    Yes. I am a Journalism major and English minor at the University of Tennessee. I see the things you write. You always make sure to get on here and let everyone know what you know, but you never say what you know. Your excuse for this is just more self-promotion. You always remind us that you are a great guy who doesn't want to cause trouble for coaches. There's no ego or posturing there! You are such a great guy that you hurl juvenile insults at anyone who criticizes you. Having said all of that, it is time to start studying for finals.
  6. Graham Clark Resigns!

    wackoffjaof, Sure thought you were going to get that job at DB with all of the great knowledge you spew out. Good luck to Coach Christian. Great to see an OL Coach get the job since that position and def backs are the 2 most important on the field. wackoffjaof - go back to working on cars.
  7. JD Overton Out at Halls

    Congrats to Coach Jeremy Bosken on your selection as the new Head Football Coach at Knoxville Halls HS. You have a Principal in Mark Duff that is an administrator first, educator 2nd (taught AP History) and a darn good secondary coach. I know where his heart is on Friday nights, watching that secondary. I think he has a great group of young coaches that he has inherited. Hope he runs the option, got a QB that I think can be special! Also hope he gets to go through spring practice with the Devils. And for those that don't like what HTV says about what he hears, you are probably the same one that would jump down his throat if he mentioned names and they didn't get the job. Advice...DON'T READ IT.
  8. JD Overton Out at Halls

    Probably one of the best young coaches I have seen in a while. Crockett messed up and let him leave for Cleveland. I can promise you one thing, if Halls gets beat in a game it will not be because they weren't prepared. Bosken is a stickler about game prep. By far the hardest working coach for the kids I've ever witnessed. Great pick Halls, you guys will go far!
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  10. JD Overton Out at Halls

    Shaking in my boots. And a simple question: Do you have any reading comprehension skills what so ever?
  11. JD Overton Out at Halls

    No, I am just inclined to believe someone who can actually back up and prove what they know (I.E someone who can actually give inside information before the news breaks). Not someone who just brags about what they know on coacht to try to look important.
  12. JD Overton Out at Halls

    First of all, I am shaking in my boots that you are going to "pick on me". That just terrifies me, you know. Secondly, I don't post anything about "how much I know". If there is something to add to a conversation I try to add it. If not, I don't. There is a saying about what happens when one points a finger at somebody else. Pointing that "good look" finger at me leaves 4 pointing back at you, Bubba. Quit acting like a loser punk. Not one person is forcing you to read my posts.
  13. JD Overton Out at Halls

    I haven't, but I am now. I find myself rolling my eyes alot when I see you posting about how much you know, but wont say what you know. Just saying that it is highly annoying. If you really know something, but dont want to say what you know, dont say anything at all. It comes across like you are trying to look important -or- you hear rumors and have too big of an ego to say something and possibly be wrong. Neither is a good look. And you have too noticed me because you brought your know-it-all two cents into the Shad stuff. Nice try, though.
  14. JD Overton Out at Halls

    Good luck
  15. JD Overton Out at Halls

    Little brother syndrome, Stars. One of the "if I can't know something, nobody else can" mindset.
  16. JD Overton Out at Halls

    So what is everyones thoughts on the hire? I have read some not so great stuff, but at the same time have heard he is a great coach. Just wondering others opinions.
  17. Mairvul Footbawl 2018

    hdik.....We all nose thait this iz Okelund's yeer.....Everbodee else iz playin' fer seccund......
  18. Graham Clark Resigns!

    Greeneville and Alcoa are highly likely to be losses. SH is an unknown. Some pretty significant departures due to graduation from last year's team. It's a rivalry game and the Toppers will also be breaking in a brand new starting QB.
  19. JD Overton Out at Halls

    Leaving Cleveland for the bright lights of northeast Knox Co. Probably a good hire by Halls. Best of luck new guy.
  20. JD Overton Out at Halls

    91.....Ere ewe sayin' thait we shood beeleaf HTV's sore-cees and inside enfoe like we haiv beeleafed yore sore-cees on this bein' "tha yeer" fer WB inn footbawl fer tha laist 6 yeers....???.....
  21. Graham Clark Resigns!

  22. JD Overton Out at Halls

    This is a message board. We are all free to discuss as we see fit. Don't like what I post or the guidelines I choose to use when posting, don't read what I post. It's really not that hard a concept to grasp.
  23. JD Overton Out at Halls

  24. JD Overton Out at Halls

  25. JD Overton Out at Halls

    Jeremy Bosken? Was at Davy Crocket and recently OC at Cleveland.
  26. JD Overton Out at Halls

    T-minus 10 minutes until we find out!
  27. Da Haven

    The number of schools jumping on the Jacobi Rice train is growing as well. It seems that Western Illinois has thrown their name into the hat with a scholorship offer. The list is now up to four (4) offers ... TSU, Austin Peay, UT Martin, and now Western Illinois. Indiana State has now offered Jacobi. Alcon State has now offered the 6'-3", 250 lb. DT/DE. That takes his total offers up to six (6).
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