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    You can rest assured that Wilson Central has never had a coach like Steve Thompson who has taken seven (7) teams to the STATE TOURNAMENT.
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    Depends on how quick he and his excellent DC can get his system in. I truly believe Haywood year in and out may have as good or better athletes than G'town, just not as many. But you might not need as many in 4A.
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    Great hire for Haywood! Bad news for Henry County lol
  6. 1 point
    Haywood just got better with the new hire of Chris Smith from Germantown as HC
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    Man wish she could of come to the secret club's Good Fridays Luncheon! My Trophy Bride and MommaSTARS cud a talked bout being married for 30 years.
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    You are correct, but as it has been said before, basketball is a 2nd at best, probably more like 3rd ranked boys sport there. That district is wide open. Didn't realize that Coffee had gotten any kids from there, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did especially if they were one sport only kids. Football and usually baseball is better at Tullahoma, but basketball is rarely ever better.
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    We allow individuals to sign up to rep their teams. $25 per competitor if less than 5 on a team. we allow females to participate as well. Columbia Academy entered a girl last year and she did extremely well. ages are incoming 9th to 12th grade
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