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Oak Ridge High School Football 2022


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On 4/22/2022 at 8:09 AM, Traitor said:

For the QB, what does his future look like for next football season? Work his way back on OR team? Transfer?

Odd thing appeared on Twitter today. A brief video clip of last year's QB htting Brandon Heyward for a TD against Karns. Probably nothing to make something of.

I have been keeping a bit of info from ya'll. I was told months ago the starting QB for this season was on the team last year but did not play varsity. That should narrow it down to just a few players. I will let you know if I hear anything else.

Man, if only Berven had one more year of football. He is killing them on the track this season and Kelly is right behind him. We have had a run of great High School LBs. recently.  All of them if taller and heavier would have been D 1. RWR!

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28 minutes ago, bounder said:

I heard some of the seniors aren't coming back anything to that?

I remember when Coach Cummings first took the job, OrCat said some would quit, and that the proverbial boys would be separated from the men. I guess this is the weeding out he referred to then. Oh well, I'd rather have guys that actually wanted to be out there, who give it their all for the OR, even if it means we suffer some losses for it. So be it.

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49 minutes ago, bounder said:

I heard some of the seniors aren't coming back anything to that?

Heard maybe a senior WR transferring to private school… 

Talk is the veer is not a good fit for the athletes they have currently…

Running game should be good if you RBs stay but who knows 

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